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Blitz single player

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  • Blitz single player

    I find the blitz exelet cuz this game alrealy requires a lot of my time all day (which I think it should not, and i'm sure its going to be the reason i quit when i do it but not yet). blitz saves a lot of time.
    i aways blitzed, all the game. but now I felt REALLY anoyed cuz i found out that it doesnt get the daru from the tombs, its ridiculous.

    ow i'm level 40 and I have 2 millions daru less than other players (i think the total daru is 4 millions, so its a lot), its a difference is so big that i wont ever reach.

    my suggestion is to make the blitz a good thing, I dont want to play 6h daily, and i wont ever pay if I cant date or work cuz i'm playing. i wish i cound play this 2h a day and dont be out of the top players.

    come on, noone pays if not for playing seriously and being a top player, I wont play all the day, people that play all the day are children that doesnt work, and i wont pay if i cant be a top player. so unless the target public of the game are rich children that can play over 6h daily I think the game should allow me be a top player without wasting all the day, and than i will think about paying.

    for now, a simpler siggestion, make blitz get EVERYTHING. that counts to blitzing in catacombs too, I lose daru there cuz I cant let my lancers die.

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    if you can get everything inside sd, it won't be called "blitz" anymore.
    and you can just disabnd your toops to get daru, no need to wait till they die in fight.


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      didnt knew about the disband.

      but blitz giving me half the reward will make me very weaker.

      and doing the same dungeon 10 times a day is very boring, takes a lot of time, and is almost a game developers joke.

      as i undestand, blitzing means do it faster


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        Blitz is a better option though. Notice how you get items you would not normally receive? I'm not positive but I have never received a rose or 3k kyanite or some of the other "drops" from blitz. =)