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Guild battle

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  • Guild battle

    it should be the biggest event in the game, however its disapointing.

    my server (S78) has 2 serious guilds. all other 14 doesnt have a single member in the fight.

    1 guild is not widely stronger than the oher, yet its almost a 5000 x 0 victory. why is that?

    cuz there are no tactics, the stronger team wins. that happens because of the fast progression in the game, a level 40 players a a lot stronger than a level 35. 2 ou 3 levels are too much and you can have them in less than a week.

    but I have suggestions:

    to make it interesting it must be more about know how to fight than about levels:

    a middle tower (6 total) would increase the relevance of territory.

    a way higher respawn rate would increase the relevance of being alive. in the current state players dont even party up, they just rush. a party of 4 would get a lot of territory if theyr enemies came deorganized.

    the ward tower should not fight back (cuz its anoying as world boss do die over and over and its it lowers the relevance of having a strong line and not letting anyone pass). it should get damaged by a fix number, doesnt matter the players level (increasing lower level players and organization relevance). the ward should be destroyed fast if the guild doesnt desperately defend it. also it would be easier to do if it get damaged just by getting near it, not engaging in an actual fight, leave that for defending players trying to save the tower.

    even more thing to make a weaker guild be able to win a stronger guild by organisation and know how are needed. or i will just see the ranking of my enemy to decide if i'm in or out