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Just pics of 55 knight... no balen only voucher...

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    Originally posted by nimnim View Post
    Haha your right... But i have not spend any cash on this game And your 64 mage who i believe is much more stronger than
    a knight lol... Good job though .. Im only 55, with no special equipment
    your are not using cash? are you sure about that? you are one of the top cash user in s32. all socketed gears with all lvl 5 gems, wing, vip and alpaca. those are not using cash?


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      Originally posted by terayaki2 View Post
      beep ! ur wrong , yes im a casher but only for crypt key and socket
      guess how i get that much , my normal run only 46k-52k
      floating astral with 100% luck or what ?

      my max was 78K "full critical round" but normal get 52k-68k
      but i'm lvl 64 Archer with 3100 critical stats .. but for mage i can't believe this dmg
      OneLove .. S7

      One Team .. One Dream


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        you sure ur not a balen user?? i know u.. u have a full socket set,wings,alpaca mount.. stop trolling at forum please..