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Voucher For WINGS

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  • Voucher For WINGS

    Sold WINGS on Voucher so non casher like us can have one

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    actually i would rather it to be a different way, sort of like a drop, so we need to synthesize them, f2p games generally say everything is obtainable ingame, but cashers get it sooner. i don't know if they have stated that about wartunes, but i would like a way ingame to get them


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      If it is buyable by vouchers, then r2games must reimbursed those who bought with balens
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        We'll gaining 1995 vouchers is easy but gaining 1995 balen easier so if it does a free game that cashers get items sooner ,but non-cashers will get them "free" after awhile is the soul of a mmorpg.
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          okay thats good


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            what if the value is different

            3 vouchers = 1 balen

            so 1995 x 3 = 5985

            5985 vouchers per wings is not easy to get (it will take a couple of days or maybe even more than a week)
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              I agree, 1995 vouchers is almost nothing. However, making them, say, a drop from nightmare tarrton's lair and up would be a fair way to get them, as it would take a while to get them and give the cash players a nice lil advantage but also give the non-cashers something to look foward too.


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                -1 too.. its unfair for those who buy it on shop with 1995 balens.. Wait for the craft wings.. I sure it has craft wings.. Everything is balance.. Casher aim to be at the top.. Free player do not aim to be at the top if you don't even spend 1 balens on your character.. Play free and happy , thats all.. Dont be too greedy..


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                  I AGREE. i have friends leaving the game because its to cash based now. its not right to have something that improves our stats that and not let non cashers get them.

                  that said i am a casher. so i am not just saying it so i can have wings. MAKE THE GAME FAIR. thats one of the reasons i love it.


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                    theres two sides of the coin here.

                    loyal cashers.

                    and loyal f2p'ers, i see the point of both sides but yeh, a high voucher price for the wings seems a good solution, only problem is they'd have to discuss it with the orig game makers if they were too implement it.

                    and as seeing as they are mostly out for the money, goodluck with that.
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                      some people said that they have crafted wings with lower stats in china server. just wait till last part of v1.45 implemented.
                      wonder why they took "2 years" to update one version.


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                        Would be nice to make wings that are 50-75% as good available to everyone. Money talks so they have to be better, but it's amazing how many people I used to beat easily now beat me easily just because of the wings. 120 and 2% per stat is a huge increase, considering the person without them also does noticeably less damage to the person with them then before. But that is the point, to separate people from their money so well played R2.


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                          Why every one saying the game is not fair because it is now a cash based now? First of all , its not their fault if they can afford WING worth 1995 balens and other items.. They are paying , they are spending , so they deserve to be strong.. But free player , dont expect too much for the game , you did not even spend a single cents there , so be contented on what you will get and what you have.. And besides,SOCKETING ROD can now be acquired by free player.. What are you whining for now.. You should be thankful.. If you have business , you should always aim for income.. r2games did not force you play warutne,you are voluntarily play the game. So if dont like the game goes by,then maybe those hater of cash based game quit.. In short,If you want wings but it 1995 balens,PERIOD.. =)


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                            - 1 . I got my wings doing free balens offers. Why can't others.


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                              does anyone even realize that without the cashers there will be no free servers for you? they pay to keep the game free just saying think about it