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Voucher For WINGS

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    nice joke.


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      Originally posted by SuperMimi View Post
      Why every one saying the game is not fair because it is now a cash based now? First of all , its not their fault if they can afford WING worth 1995 balens and other items.. They are paying , they are spending , so they deserve to be strong.. But free player , dont expect too much for the game , you did not even spend a single cents there , so be contented on what you will get and what you have.. And besides,SOCKETING ROD can now be acquired by free player.. What are you whining for now.. You should be thankful.. If you have business , you should always aim for income.. r2games did not force you play warutne,you are voluntarily play the game. So if dont like the game goes by,then maybe those hater of cash based game quit.. In short,If you want wings but it 1995 balens,PERIOD.. =)

      be thankful your parents ( or people that raised you ) did not have the same attitude you do.... " sorry, but you are not paying for your toys for xmas so you do not deserve to have any, but we do because we have the money and we can pay for them and we support the shops......"

      how about you be a lil more thankful that so many non cashers continue to play the game and stay even tho they will get one 1/5th of the benefits that you do.... cos while they may not be helping pay for the servers, they are helping keep the game online with their numbers,... something that you can not do with your money

      wings for non cashers is a token questure, something simple for the non cashers... cos they are a far more important of the game than some people realise, and thats cos they make up about 70% of the total player base and without them, most of the cashers would not have the guilds and servers that they take for granted.....


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        i collected 1 month balens for do offers for WINGS, n what u wanna wings for vouchers? u kiddin, if it will be, return my balens!!

        seriously on chinese already have wings for non cashers then worst then for cashers but easy for craftable, n wings can be upgraded like mounts

        just be patient n wait this epic update, but with R2 stuff speed it may be in 2020 year
        class balance ****
        cash - noncah balance ****

        so game ****? - ye

        dont choose mage, bcs mage sux class!


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          Originally posted by WhisperofDeath View Post
          does anyone even realize that without the cashers there will be no free servers for you? they pay to keep the game free just saying think about it
          Does anyone even realize without non cashers most cashers will die out ?
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            Originally posted by Hyorinmaru6 View Post
            Does anyone even realize without non cashers most cashers will die out ?
            Ding ding ding we have a winner. Really, if there were no non cashers why would cashers even spend money, there would be no one to really be "better" than, servers would be totally empty, no one would be around for dungeon runs, battlegrounds would be even more of a joke.... Wings honestly should be given for free, at least a generic pair but it's too late. Using vouchers for them would actually be a way to help non cashers and still have them work for it. To be honest when they first started their campaign it was Wartune GIVES you wings.. not Wartune gives you the option to BUY wings. Think about it wartune, you got everyone's hopes up then you pulled this 1995 balen stuff. Disappointed more than a few so adding in a voucher option for wings would show that you do actually value the non casher.

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              I guess They Need Cashers To Get The Money That They Need To Keep All The Servers Up Without them We Would Have To Pay Money To Play The Game Its Better Free To Play But They Could Still Do Vouchers stuff like for a day depends on how they run :P
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