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Mage in World Boss

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  • Mage in World Boss

    any1 help me... how to make a higher atack or damge in WB??? im lvl40 now... how to make a combo or double attck??

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    When the screem start to go back, abush you hot key to use meteor, wait till one of your troop get attack to use thunder bolt (make sure your toon make a little move that indicate it will fire normal attack), wait for another attack for your troop, this time when they make sound use rain, usually I can do combo each time that boss attack my troot. Just watch your toon and you'll knew he's 'bout firing normal attack, that your chance.
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      for double attack, wait till character begins animation for fireball then hit lightning bolt. Timing depends on our connection speed. I usually click it as the boss attacks me as my connection is slow so I need to do it a little earlier. I use thunderer and lightning bolts on wb and I am regularly top 6.