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Battle ground level difference

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    Originally posted by KnowingEyes7 View Post
    They could throw players a bone and split it by level just once as I agree all the splits that the OP mentioned would render some BGs a virtual ghost town.

    However, I still fail to understand why players AFK at BG as it makes no sense. Maybe I could accept lazy or ragequit but in the (super) long run, you need every decent item you can get your hands on.
    wonder how long they will take to reach next rank if keep doing that ._.
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      Originally posted by R25712627 View Post
      people tend to get dis-encouraged if they get killed alot by high lvl, so they afk and get the rest of honour from guild battles, also if you achieve crusader rank and you get higher honour then the title, and then die, you lose honour, so people tend to afk to avoid those situations.
      The problem with doing this is these players 'outlevel' their BR - in the sense that they cannot support that honor level anymore. Yes, they can avoid this by doing what you state but all it takes is a kill or two and it's over (non-VIP 5+, notwithstanding). In addition, if these players are gunning for high level medallions by AFKing, good luck on the amount of time it will take to do this (will skip the math).

      Originally posted by NARTH View Post
      Simple they login during their working hrs. cant play because of the timing, but can login and afk to get the minimum honors and rewards
      The events timing is the major problem for many players tat got a job, they need to follow the events to advance because they have only limited time to spare in the game.
      So those afkes is either players tats is to tired to play after a whole day work or r working when the events started.
      I cannot argue this using game mechanics but this absolutely kills team play. If these players are complaining about the time for BGs, I'm sure there is a server better suited for them. We have this problem too but at least the majority of players will TELL their team they intend to AFK. If players didn't do that, sigh. (To be perfectly honest, for high levels/BRs, we *want* AFKers since we don't have to scroll to hit max honor or get more BG crystals.)

      Originally posted by terayaki2 View Post
      wonder how long they will take to reach next rank if keep doing that ._.
      Exactly. They can do this under the present AFK system but the rewards are very small.


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        Hi. I completely agree with creator of this thread. Right now it doesn't make much sense for level 40, 41 etc players to do anything in the BG other than go afk on my server. There are always the same high level players there hunting down much weaker ones to farm honor. Being lvl 42 with 35lvl pvp set and fighting lvl 60 with 55lvl pvp set is somewhat unbalanced. And in my opinion PVP should not be about hunters and prey etc. but about as much balanced fights as possible. I understand that those that hunt doesn't want a change since now they can effortlessly gain lots of honor. They just get in BG, avoid fighting each other, instead hunting much weaker players. I understand that changing lvl brackets could make some BGs to have very few participants, but I think it's more fun to play with 5 people on each side with more balanced fights than like it is now. I also think brackets like 35-44, 45-54 etc. would be a bit better as suited to pvp sets. And I think this would change a lot in the playability as there would be much less afkers and situations where much stronger players hunt for much weaker prey.


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          Well i just hit lvl 40 and am getting slaughtered .. it is so discouraging to run al the way up with the lag and then find ur self on ground .. and grey no matter what.. there are mages that it me twice and i am dead incluiding my lvl 32 knights and then there is rapidyo.. of our server .. a couple of rounds is more than we can survive. and i do a damage of around 200-300 per hit .. now seriously battle grounds are meant to be fun and challenging and where is the fun element in this and the timings for bg is horrendous for me.. 2:00 AM .. and players of east asia who wants to play in english servers do we have an option? and will the mod help us in moving us to the server so tha we too can enjoy the game to the fullest extent


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            only fix that will work is have other ways to gain honor so we don't have to get it all in one event gb don't really count since thats not everyday if people can get 3k honor with other events people will not be killing in bg so much sure there be some that do it just to be a *insert what ever you like* but having other ways to gain honor will help a lot I know I wouldn't be killing non stop any more instead I would just cart if we had other ways to gain honor.

            another fix would be to giving more honor for carting then for killing you get 10-30 star points for carting but only 1-3 honor which makes it a waste unless you want the battle chest which everything the battle chest can give you can get else where through balens, crypt and guild wheel and with bg the only place for honor besides gb its better to kill for honor then for carting which should give 15-50 honor per cart to make carting more worth it.


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              ok, here's the deal. Ur level 40, just got your set and your ready for war. Just to find out your on the low end of the totem pole and get beat by nearly everybody in bg. So, just afk? No.... u serve a purpose. Harvest harvest harvest. That player that has a dryad? You are the dryad remover, u will die, but there goes the dryad. Sacrifice yourself to block that player that is killing everybody so the rest of your team can get by and try to harvest. I did this with another person, taking turns. We ALWAYS got a gem, every bg. Once in a while we got to kill somebody. Now that I am level 60 and crusader, I have to try and kill as many lowbies as I can to get knight crusader which is an insane amount of honor required. I try to let the other team get a gem first, but there is always some idiot who decides I need taken down. So, as much as it sucks, I still harvest as much as I can at level 60!!!! It doesn't change much as you go up. What I would like to see is this losing honor thing removed. And if I kill somebody with a higher ranking, I should get more honor. Then I would have Incentive to attack higher levels. Otherwise, I will go on attacking as many lowbies as I can until i reach my 24k honor I need until I reach my next rank. Sucks to be cannon fodder, but at least I try and let you have your battle shards.
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                well not evenry one have ur sense of honor they kill me even while harvesting may be change the rules taht u can only be killed while travelling with gems :P


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                  So upto level 45 now and just got my 1 shot'ed 6 times in a row by a level 66 archer using lunatic fire. How can u put a 45 against a 66 and not expect discouragement. There needs to be better filtration on the levels.


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                    Originally posted by Ratty_Da_Nom View Post
                    no matter how you change the battleground, you will always have the honour farmers and the afkers, ... splitting the battleground will not fix that aspect, but it can result in battlegrounds where there are only 2-4 people due to level
                    Lol, so what? Let the 60+ level players fight it out with themselves. They worked hard to get there, let them compete with people of the same level, but as for the other levels, they will be full.


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                      Originally posted by R23246039 View Post
                      So upto level 45 now and just got my 1 shot'ed 6 times in a row by a level 66 archer using lunatic fire. How can u put a 45 against a 66 and not expect discouragement. There needs to be better filtration on the levels.
                      this one of the reason why i quit.
                      BG is individual event because u cant get help from ur friend/teammate. stop reply me with "u just weak, get strong. or u must work together to win". nope, theres no such a thing. its all 1vs1. if theres a strong player, no one will ever dare to take him down. even both team has one. they just ignoring each other n have fun to farm the honor/.

                      i agree to put the 10 level bracket. its the most better solution for wartune rit now.
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                        High level VIP players on my server that buy exp scrolls and crypt keys are level 56-58 now. I am level 53 (one of the highest levels) crawling along and cant level as fast as them and because they have 55 gear I have no shot against them and it has been this way for a long time. Especially since I got one mage on my server who buys double honor scrolls and just attacks everything as quick as he can and gets over 30kills a battleground. I saw him get 43 once. I one and two shot low 40s and he almost does the same to me so imagine how easy it is in there for him and he just gets stronger and stronger while the rest of us crawl along in honor gains. Doesn't help when every single top player is in the same guild so they all help each other either.

                        The extreme imbalance is an obvious issue and maybe I am missing something here but it shouldn't take long to set up cross-server and would help alleviate things a lot as it would provide enough players to be able to add more brackets. We have had cross-server team arena for quite a while now. Most current players will quit or be hitting level 60 and up by the time anything is fixed. I know companies like to take their time adding updates as they want to lengthen the game out more, but a fix like this would lengthen the game and the longer they take to do it, the more complaints and frustration they are going to see about it.
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