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Recharging Bonus and Guild Battle

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  • Recharging Bonus and Guild Battle

    Hi, I am a player that has been experimenting on this game since S21.
    Since that time alot of things have changed in Wartune such as mounts, wings, guild battle, group arenas and the balen shop.
    and I have noticed that recharge rewards have changed as well. Probably giving the best offer in S71-S83 previously.
    However, those servers came out so fast, that by the time I read the promotion (whilst playing on S67) S84 had already opened and it had what others call s*** rewards.

    A few experienced players and myself would look forward to more long term item rewards in First Recharge Bonus because many of us are willing to continue playing as Vip's with Vip bonuses and remain in the top 100 players and help form an active server.

    Currently, after some rough estimations. A server to have active guild battles in the top 16 Guilds, should have over 500 active players, if you averaged 30 players per guild. This is obviously not the case at the moment, especially in the more recent servers. Most people are thankful and happy that there are new features such as the guild tree, and guild battle and the new Group Arena rewards of 5-15 Insignia per match.
    Having a busy and lively guild battle is much better than watching 4 towers glowing for 40 minutes against of guild made up of 5 participants or less. However, a lesser number of active players leads to other discouraging problems, such as. Difficulty finding plunder victims as player levels rise, fewer active guilds, less public chat, difficulty finding multiplayer dungeon teams and less competition.
    This problem is probably caused by R2 releasing about 7 servers a week and people quiting the game or changing to a different server. This problem could be fixed by offering items or balens to people joining older servers. A Banner saying "Special reward packages" for players joining older servers may work well, offering things such as, extra balens on first purchase of balens or Vip. An example would be: 500 balens from Vip or +10% extra balens on first purchase, 2-10 crypt key, 200-3k vouchers etc and have the offer available to existing members too.

    Many people prefer easy rewards, especially new starters. Sometimes people like to experiment with new character builds etc.
    Having regular rewards in the gameplay as opposed to pushing for purchases every week helps to build and develop the gaming community because it can be recognised as being consistent.
    An idea woud be to have Server vs Server Guild battle of top 4 or 8 or 16 guilds, with further unique prizes such as lvl 3 exp scroll, gem boxes, even rarer astrals an upgrade*Platinum Astral? and maybe something to upgrade astral effects similar to daru engraving.

    Current players in old servers would like to see new or active players increasing within the server, but not many people start a new account in an old server, it would be nice to get server merges of 3 servers into 1, meaning the top 4 guilds of 3 servers competing for top 12 places.

    Astrals are certainly quite interesting I have had a look at Servers 1, 21, 67, 87 and most servers have astrals below lvl 7 at orange/gold/Legendary. An update of new astrals/upgrade may receive warm welcomes from new and old wartune players. Especially those people that are top ranks within their server and are looking for new development in their character.

    Well these are just ideas, I know you guys are probably busy. But if you do come across this post then please do come up with something to solve these issues on past servers.
    Enjoy and have a happy Christmas.


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    I think the old servers are actually pretty good to join, my guild managed to help out a lot of low leveled players get their edge faster than had they joined a new server.

    The issue here is that a lot of players want to be the best in the server, which causes them to keep jumping to newer ones once the cashing competition gets out of their hands.
    The truth is, being the best in the server is a fickle advantage, with the cross server GA & the rumoured upcoming cross server GB, there's more reason to join an old server.
    As for me, I'ld like to say it's much better to join an old server instead of a new server.

    Why? In an old server, you will have stronger players who will give you an already upgraded guild, saving you the wait to start a fresh one. Other higher leveled players will also give you better seeds to steal & more gold per ToA energizes. In addition, those higher leveled players will be able to help you run GA & MPDs, giving you more insigs & exp than you running those yourself.

    R2games have taken a step in encouraging people to join old servers by implementing that bonus exp to players under top 100, which is an advantage only seen in old servers.
    Why so empty? Too busy MLGing this.
    [S45] Mirage Desert level 60


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      Hmm you do have a point about players wanting to be the best, a guild member or another player has recently shown frustration about the addition of wings to unbalance the game between heavy spenders and light spenders/ free players. However 30+ players can be the best on the server without winning the first week br event. I'm not sure many people want to spend days or weeks playing catch up on an old server without a decent offer.
      On my current server there are 2 level 8-9 guilds struggling to find active members. With the top 2 guilds being ones that were formed on the first day. The server has been up for just over a month, because my Vip was renewed.
      I don't believe the prospect of farm stealing is a big attraction for new players or first-time players and as a higher level player I find it tiring to do 6-9 mps a day with an mp lasting 20minutes on average. thats 2-3hrs time in gameplay. Also some higher level players play on more than one server, so it is kind of troublesome to fit in MP assistance after completing their own attempt runs.

      In my experience that bonus exp hasn't been a hot topic anywhere. and not everyone knows how rested exp works at the moment. How would it feel for a player to know that they are probably 3 weeks behind everyone else on the server or 25-40 levels and that they cannot play competitively in world boss, group arena, forming a guild. Most importantly, I feel it is disadvantageous, because there will be fewer players at your level, some which can be perceived as being quite strange and therefore your choice of party members is limited and you don't really get the chance to form teams with players that are active and who utilise the best techniques, combinations, attitudes and knowledge within the game.

      I am glad Wartunes has a recommended server button because when I first started as a noob, I joined S21 as a new recommended server and could play with active players at an equal level as peers, instead of being baggage. I was able to form my own guild after quiting a main guild, but I still could not get many new members and in about 3-4 weeks time, both myself and the Asst had 2 lvl 25+ accounts contributing in but no new members. Right now that main guild has become an empty guild and even the 3 largest guilds are very quiet. There is a limit to what an exp boost can do. As far as I know many people do not reach 4m exp per day especially new players and to get to lvl 50 it takes around 110million exp averaging a battle rating of 20k+ usually.People that have played for 2 months are probably at level 60 and are likely to have 30k+ br.
      The problem is, there are so many "old" servers, whilst some may be well off, others (maybe S21+) are not doing so well. Playing in a new server offers advatanges such as world boss gold and daru bonuses, arena rewards, maybe a unique mount if someone really wants to pay $300, I have seen some1 spend maybe £100 on a game card before, so it may be possible. All the other reward events such as lvl 35 weapon, lv 30 weapon, guild rush bonuses, 10k br event, shoot for the stars are helpful and its nice to see fresh new faces.


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        Haxjester then tell me why no one is joining S61 if we are no longer a new server?

        We just keep dropping in numbers. There is still not enough incentive to join an older server. All my friends on my server. I invested time and money into this one so I do not want to leave. MERGE US.