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Some Suggestions!!

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  • Some Suggestions!!

    Some of these have probably been said already but i will list them anyway.

    1-Add the 2hr vip trial to the blessing wheel.
    2-If you wont implement number 1 add a gifting system where players can gift guild members vip tokens.
    3-Tree of Ancients when it spawns the mushrooms ect have it so it spawns daru and kyanite not guild contribution.
    4-Chamber dueling-add 10 duels a day to guild members in chamber with winner getting 20k gold.
    5-World Map add kyanite and daru mines to the world map at lv 30+
    6-World Map have it so the creatures and treasure chest drop stuff that is useful gems/astrals/farm seeds.
    7-Farms Friendliness of other players should reward bigger farming IE if you have a friend lv 5 and you farm them you get a bigger chunk but friend doesn't lose out.
    8-Treasure chest skeleton key dungeons(Make it a choice in dungeons to use more skeleton keys to increase the prize)
    IE 1 key gets you the stuff you get now but choosing to open chest using 2-3 keys gives you a better chance at higher reward.
    9-Tree of Ancients (Once a guild as fully upgraded the tree of ancients have it so they can use a lot of guild wealth
    to add additional daru/kyanite/gold to the already xp that players collect. In smaller quantities of course Ie 200 daru per minute ect.
    10-World map Add mini Tomes to the world map so players can gain xp n daru ect from them.
    11-Add more quest from lv 40+ onwards i reached lv 40 on my character and quest was reach lv42 for 42k or something silly like that.
    12-Balen Blessing 10 balens removes a option from the blessing wheel, Basically if a player wants to use balens he can pay 10 balens and remove say gold off the blessing wheel that turn up to 5 times. Allowing better chances for better drop. Likewise for 40 vouchers the non cashers can do the same.
    13-Vip Wheel Like above for 20 balens players can move upto 5 slots from there vip wheel total 100 balens increasing there chances of rare drops.
    14-Daily check in rewards, Change these monthly.
    15-Login Bonus Daily Reward time spent (Each day have a timer quest that rewards a player when the timer reaches zero) Set it so it rewards small for 1 hr then increases through the day.
    Player logs in timer starts in 1 hr they collect reward and timer then restarts with 2hrs, then 3hrs ect up to 6hrs.

    Ok i have a load more ideas and suggestions but thats enough for now. I have a few other ideas ill post below.

    Other ideas-
    The Winged Dungeon (Once a day)
    Once a day at a random time the winged dungeon will open, Teams of 4 players who have the wings can enter the dungeon and complete it. Giving them additional xp and items.

    Mini Boss Recksiminon
    Recksiminon will appear on the world map lv51 area. Players can attack him like they do the other world bosses only
    with a difference.
    First they must find him, Doing so with help from guild or other players.(randomly spawns once a day).
    Secondly each attack sends there hero back to there castle so they have to keep running to his location.
    Finally he randomly drops gifts.
    Double xp scroll
    Double Honor scroll
    4 hr Kyanite seeds 6000
    Rare Drop 3 Additional dungeon runs lasts 24hrs.

    This boss will also spawn in each area lv 11-50 areas dropping different gifts based on that area.
    Final hit on him rewards a socket rod with a rare chance to get a steed.

    Join the races:-
    Ever wondered how fast your steed can go well join wartune races and see for yourself.
    Here 4 players compete against each other 5 times a day and race on there steeds around a track with the winner getting 30 whips and the 2nd 10 whips and 3rd spot 5 whips.
    Now the interesting thing about this event is other players can use whips to bet on the winner so the event can be viewed by all players and they can bet whips on the outcome and win more whips.

    Later on you can add runes to the outcome so players can cast runes on opponents to slow them down.

    Again i will end it there for now and maybe add more ideas in the future thank you.