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feedback on holiday event

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  • feedback on holiday event

    the holiday event although good has one major flaw. players below lvl 40 who do not spend cash cannot have a fair shot to gain enough shards for the top prize of reindeer.. why because its pretty much impossible to gain with out the whips even if you are present for every event that does not require balens. and those below 40 cannot use the whips to gain shards..and before anyone says anything i above lvl 40.. i just think if they are going to have a event for the players make all prizes reachable for any lvl . plz keep this in mind for future events =)

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    one point, those below 40, that hit 40, could get the reindeer, one person in our guild did it, but they had saved up the whips for a while...... and yeah, got accused of cashing... lol

    things like guild wars and being the top ranked guild, can help with the whip issue, as they get the most whips for the weekly guild wars.....

    that being said, i do agree.. its all about the almighty dollar, not the players...


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      that is true but look at it liek this what about the lower players who dont have a shot at reaching lvl 40 in time..... and you hit it right on the head about money not players =)


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        The server actually gave you sufficient time to level to 40, if doing everything for exp, excluding farm, you can hit 40 no problem before the end of the event, which you did be right no if you started December 14th, first day of the event. If you did not play before December 14th, then you wouldn't even have the shards anyways as you just missed 20 from daily events.
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