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About world Boss and servers merge

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  • About world Boss and servers merge

    okay to made this clear and simple i see the wb now is no more longer than 8-10 min (yes in my server i dont know how is in yours), a suggestion or maybe a update will be made lv up the world boss.. boost their stats to endurance more or give they double hp.. get creative, i really enjoy the game and much will be (maybe) in same plan like me to change world boss stats

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    Merged S24, S27 and S33 (3 Servers), What happen with WB Hp still same as before merged

    WB Hp need up 3x than before merged, please.


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      You forget to tell this.
      58m/74m million HP won't do much for 3 server that have been merge together.

      Ragnoch down no more than 8 min while BloodFang down in 10 min.
      At BloodFand, I swear we get more than 121 player that participate, I know becouse that my rank remembering how I just seeing my toon standing and firing fire ball every one min delay =="
      So, seriously, how can 74 mil HP can give enough gold and Daru for +121 player?

      So please do something with Word Boss HP, get Redoga more HP for later, joining 2 Wb and I just get 9/20 for Proof of Strenght. Oh geez.
      G.M, do something with this issue at Server 24, 27, and 33.
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        After s24 was merge is it wasting time with WB. Please increase HP. It is dead in 7 min.


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          wb is way to weak now, the people that used to be able to get over 1% earlier hardly even get 0.4 from what I hear..... increase the hp


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            Agree WorldBoss is done in 6 mins omg
            Never Quit


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              WB could definately use a boost in HP all the way around. I just finished 7th and got 150k gold and daru. Before the merge, 7th would net roughly 300-400k daru and gold minimum. We all would appreciate a boost in HP since 3 servers were merged and now the competition lvl has escalated greatly! Thanx. Wicky-Server 24-Dragonfire


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                If your going to merge this many strong players together then you need to compensate for it. One way is by strengthening the WB's..How are the new players going to get stronger if we kill the WB in 8 - 10 mins? Not only do you want to bring new players in and keep them but also keep the players we have now. This is not going to happen with the wold bosses at the level that they are now. Thanks ,..,


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                  I am Lulula in S24, now we have lots new friends who came from S27 and S33, for the whole new big Christmas Party, can we have a bigger food supply ? ( I mean world BOSS)



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                    World Boss HP need to be increased to at least 150 million if not more in server 24.


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                      agreed... WB HP should be triple.


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                        Make it 10 billion HP and we all will be extremely happy

                        I mean... the event has a time frame of 1 hour and all...
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                          Originally posted by DeathRiver View Post
                          Make it 10 billion HP and we all will be extremely happy

                          I mean... the event has a time frame of 1 hour and all...
                          lmao, if this happends i'll be able to max both angels and knights too my level in no time.

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                            World Boss for difrent levels

                            how abote making WB for every 10th lvl, everyone from lvl 30 to 39 have 1 boss , from 40 to 49 have a nother and so on, this will make it posible to catsh up to higer lvl players