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Critical rate

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  • Critical rate

    Hi. Can someone please explain to me the critical rate received for each point in critical? And i just noticed that my critical hits proc less than before.. Anyone can confirm this? thanks

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    I am telling you:

    In current version, 1000 block=10% block chance. 1000 critical =10% critical chance.

    Even your character has 0 block, it still has 5% initial block chance. So, if there is a 1000 block, you finally got 15% block chance.

    Check out my other post because the block rate and critical rate will be sharply changed in patch 1.5

    Also, when block rate increase, the amount of dmg reduction will also increase. I am also telling you the upper limit is 70% reduction.

    Don't ask me how I know that. You don't have to listen to me and you are not worth to give any proof to as well.