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ideas to make game way better

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  • ideas to make game way better

    1st of all i'm a night and i've tried to use magic atk. but it doesn't seem to work. i think they should add magic atk to the total attack, same for all class (but differs as mages use matk not patk). also vouchers shuold also be able to use like balens. the second troop slot should be unlocked yets say lvl 50. and early morning bg.

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    knights use Patk, cos they do not use magic..... and the idea of a knight in full armour running around like harry potter, is scary..... it would be like a archer trying to impersonate conan the barbarian.....

    the second troop slot ? people have enuf trouble with one troop slot......


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      Vouchers should not replace balens.
      You get a few hundred vouchers per day from your farm -- it's too easy to get.
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        Second troop slot doesn't unlock at 50 and I have not heard from ANYONE that has used the second slot yet. Like was said vouchers are too easy to get and why would a knight even think about using magic???

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          Second troop slot isn't implemented yet.


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            NOT TRYING TO GET YOU MAD but i see mages with patk waste of time if it's useless, and i didn't mean to replace balens, simply add the option of vouchers at DOUBLE the balen price in SHOP. and the troop slot is not implemented yet i was sugesting when it is realesed you could unlock at level 50 as there are no new troops for lvl 50.
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              i also wanted to say i'm on s1 non casher lvl 48 knight tomyboy and i've played since s1 was released, so ya i've been playing a while and the stuff you told me is so far useless as i knew that.