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Servers reoccuring.

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  • Servers reoccuring.

    I am not one to complain on the forums, but to be honest I will keep it short....I really hope you stop opening new servers and just merge the whole servers together...create more events, not just the same static events on the hour.. and just make it already proven people will pay money -_- these games gets more resources pumped in than those "AAA" titles in such a short period of time.

    how many servers are you planning to open -_- just stop it already, every new server is alive and bustling.. 3 weeks down the road... its dead zone...then you merge them... why what is the point? /rant off.

    Otherwise good game..

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    They won't listen. I made countless threads and nothing is being done. They keep making new servers bc to them it is the only way to make money off the game. To me it just seems like a desperate move to make incase they close down. This game will surely close down once 1000 servers are here and each server is a dead zone. Merging hardly happens anyway. They merge way too little of servers and not that often either. I look at the CS forums and it seems they do huge merges with multiple servers at one time. Here it is like once a month just 2-4 servers. While releasing about 12 servers a month.

    Things need to change or people are just going to give up. What is the point of playing this game if you can't even progress pass lvl 50 here. We shouldn't have to be doing lvl 50 MPs at lvl 60. It shouldn't be a struggle to find a party or have empty guild balttes and battlegrounds. It it shouldn't be a dead zone in the wilds where plundering is basically virtually not there anymore due to no one around your lvl to plunder. Really sad as this game had huge potential going for it. I give this game about 6 more months the way they are running it right now before they put up the "we are shutting down the game and deeply sorry. Here is your compensation for playing Wartune with us." Statement.


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      I with you. My theory is this:
      The more servier they open the money money they generate.
      I try to create a new character to see whose the strongest in every server (lastest server that is). And it's no surprise that almost all top 20+ are all VIPs and have wings.

      I'm really hoping that they will merge the servers bacause it kinda boring fighting same enemy everyday. Having to compette with the same guild every week.

      I don't care much about making new server but seriously you have 100 servers now. when are you going to stop.


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        They focus on short-term profits not long term profit and stability. Asking them to merge more servers, while it makes the customers happier and will give the company much better feedback you cannot ask them to change their business model. The initial rush of the first few weeks is where they most likely finds the most balens being spent so that is the part of the game they focus on. They do add a few features later in the game such as the addition of 55 sets and I think they added level 60 dungeons to keep a little more incentive to continue playing and to shut us up somewhat but it really doesn't extend beyond this much, and by the time you get to that point the server is getting close to a ghost town. Look at the glaring issues of the ones you mention or with battlegrounds. You could likely go so far in saying they want people to get frustrated so they quit and start on a fresh server again where they have a chance of getting top again, and where there is a lot more activity, and will have more incentive to spend more balens.