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Server 6 and Server 12

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  • Server 6 and Server 12

    Hey guys i am from server 10 and we will be merging soon, with you guys and iw as wondering if you could tell every one about your server how many active guilds you have who is the strongest guild what the highest level player you have who is the strongest player. Server 10 has 5 active guilds Obilvion is the strongest, uncharted generation and avengers (which i am in ) fight for second spot and revelation is the smallest active guild. Our highest player is Holybread at level 67 with super cat small ways behind i am level 61 my self) We have about 200 people about 50 to 60 serious players rest pop on once in a while.

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    Btw we are heavy on knights and have very few mages


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      i just wonder how to count the active player?
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        well i am guessing because my guild boots inactives if they are off for more then 7 days and we arent the biggest guild and we got over 80 members so its a roguh guess


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          Ouch... the very few mages part

          I hope the others have more mages so they can help you guys run GoD
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            yeah we need moonlight and higher now right now on server 10 all mages are in the strongest guild and they dont run out side the guild, and they whine if you raid their cities likes this isnt a pvp game


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              Well, I'm pushing to catch you brandi, lol. only 52 so far, gimme a couple weeks xD


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                Ok I'll give you a good run down for S6. I like to think we have a good balance of classes. Our top players have close to 50k br and they are a mage and a knight. Have a few archers in the 40k+ range. Our top guild has a BR of about 3.6m with the 2nd guild having about 3.2m I think. Its an active server so shouldn't be a problem with doing MPs or anything with that. Will be good to see new players though (and fresh meat if you know what I mean ) I know I'm looking forward to seeing how this will play out. Should be a lot of fun.

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                  well, i cant wait to see seattle fight with holybread at BG or arena... that would be interesting.. like edward vs jacob hahahaha