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Bogus Balen Offers

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  • Bogus Balen Offers

    Okay.So, After installing and completing the 4th and goal game offer and the Batman offer,I see both in the support history of Token Ads. 2 seconds later they disappear.
    I sent Token Ads screenshots of each offer, from beginning download to ending install WITH their requirements copied and pasted in the INSTALL screenshot.This company REFUSES
    to credit the balens.

    They say: After further investigation of your complaint, we have not found anything that indicates you completed this offer. Unfortunately, there is nothing more that we can do on your behalf.
    We regret your obvious dissatisfaction, but this decision is final.

    Thank you,
    The TokenAds team.

    What the hell is that?
    Is R2 going to keep allowing them to participate in this program?
    I still have all the screenshots and also that malicious **** they sneak onto my pc such as Iminent which takes over your pc.
    I just can't believe R2 allows this to go on.I emailed support about it and they obviously can't be bothered..

    This is their reply: Thank you for taking the time to submit your concern. For the “Free Balens” or “Free Crystal” offers. You need to ensure you read each offer throughly. Each one has their own stipulations and rules. Each also requires certain things to be completed and or installed and verification by those companies must be completed before those Balens or Crystal are released to the player. If you fail to meet the specific criteria that is required by those specific vendors; then the issuance of Balens or Crystals will be void. I hope this explanation helps in understanding that process. Feel free to contact us again if you require our assistance. Thank you for your patronage. Enjoy the Game!

    ~The R2Games Team

    Like we are stupid or something. I even sent them the screenshots, as I screenshot every single offer I do, Requirements INCLUDED.

    Something needs to be done about this company(Token Ads) that scams players into adding all this **** onto their pc and then not rewarding them.
    Next stop: reporting Token Ads to the BBB....Since R2 won't take any action.

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    basically if you installed something then that programs needs to contact tokenads to confirm installation on your computer, if the program didnt get to do that then no balens will be given to you

    simple really, as long as the program installed wasnt blocked when trying to signal to tokenads it has been installed or uninstalled too fast then you get your balens if not for any reason then you get nothing, your job is to make sure that happens.

    if on the other hand you were 'completely ripped off' so to speak then just move on to something else..

    its like you telling me you purchased something from me over the net with your credit card but my bank transations show nothing so until my baank records show on their system you actually did buy something from me, im not sending any goods, at all

    dont worry about this one offer just move on to the next and make sure you complete follow the rules since a simple mistake or whatever it was can void you getting anything like they just said.


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      I sent the screenshot of it installed in my programs time and everything.Even played the dam games.


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        and the point you are missing..

        is that they dont use screenshots as proof in this case, they need verfication/confirmation from the program (that was) installed on your computer, not anything else

        even if you dont get anything in this case, their are other offers to try so dont get upset just move on to another one, lesson learned (hopefully anyway)