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spend strike till we are heard

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  • spend strike till we are heard

    for the week of 30/6/2017 till 7th/6/2017 i request everyone to stop recharging to let r2 know we are not happy with this patch.

    i for 1 am not happy they forcing us to accept willpower by changing the rave to it. who cares about 1 shot die eudaemons i damn don't. i care for holy sword and smelting so i not spending till i see the old rave returned without a willpower in sight that means not in rave or any hot event.

    others have issues with patch to and maybe its the same issue or a different 1. lets stand together and hit them where it will make them notice.

    will not cash for the week
    will cash during the week

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    Goodluck with your strike
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      People need to stop cashing till all the bugs are removed. Not only a week.


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        Good luck with your protest. There was once a boycott spending group located on facebook, started by a few top whales/spenders.
        It didn't last long for some players. (Facebook group ID: groups/790455881060502/ )

        What you ask for makes sense, but you wont get what you want.

        The biggest issue would have to be a a large % revenue to drop for R2 to probably actually take action, or a decline in player population.
        As long as alts or piloted accounts are continued logged, its considered good traffic.

        Other people will take the opportunity of you not spending to move up in ranks also.

        The reality of the game is that R2 aren't the ones that develop the game, they would have to take all bugs, and issues back to the ones they bought it/licensed from, and those developers will pick and choose what is priority.

        This is not your ideal mmorpg managed game, nor are the costs to stay competitive.