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knights in catacombs

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    Originally posted by sinafteh View Post
    Block is awesome but not that mighty great without HP.

    With each successive block, you will gain 4% of MAX HP.

    Knight without high HP = USELESS

    If you have 55 gear, refine all with Block stats in your 8 gears.

    8 gears with block stats + lvl 5 block astro = around 1.9-2k block stats.

    Moreover, ask yourself honesty, how many successive block you have in 10 turns?
    It is odd how block and crit gems have half the stats of the other gems yet on the gear it is about equal level. I'm not talking about HP and Charisma, but Mdef, Pdef, Ptak and Mtak. Seeing that I pretty much decided to do what you suggest and refine for Block while gemming for PTAK and a mix of mdef, pdef, and HP.