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Why exp ever login?

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  • Why exp ever login?

    I am trying to camp 70 and i am getting exp everyday when i log in?
    im not doing any exp related events and my offine rest is 0% all the time
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    This is something that was added to the game about 2 patches ago. Camping is harder now, if not impossible. Why was it added? Not real sure, the game is geared towards LVL 80 players and the rest of the game that comes with getting there i suppose.
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      It's? like what the mentor said. It was added a couple of patches ago. However, there's a rumor that if you stayed online during the server's reset time, it would not be applied.

      There is no point to camp now. Aside from not being plundered by lv 80s and beyond, there is nothing really to camp for. Might as well go for 80 and get CA/KH.
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        What Meikura said is correct.

        Basically the game is now anti-camping, it wants to motivate people towards 80 and getting knighthood.

        The biggest issue is once you get 80 and Knighthood, the gap between players is much more significant, which might deter people from actually leveling/moving up.


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          Basically, the first 80 levels are practically the tutorial now. You can reach 80 in a few days, and it gradually introduces the features, up to sylphs and eudaemons. Everything geared at under-80s is legacy holdover content, so I wouldn't be surprised if they just go ahead and directly level everyone up in an explicit tutorial in the future.