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R2 is a Liar

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  • R2 is a Liar

    got this from previous event and send them a ticket but got no reply till today, so this company is a liar i guess

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    You can't redeem recharge tokens on Wartune, League of Angels, or League of Angels II.
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      Not really, it was told in print that recharge tokens won't work on Wartune, so I just skipped that section and do the other two before it ended.
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        Nothing new there, I sent a ticket about event rewards that r2 scr ewed up and got a response from them that they would forward it to someone else and if nothing had happened in 48 hours I should send a mail as a reminder and still nothing that was 2 weeks ago. So from now on will start ticket bomb them when there is something wrong since them idiots can't do anything right.