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Character / Build Customisation

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  • Character / Build Customisation

    Disclaimer - This is probably a long post. For those who are TL;DR, basically, we as players need more cool stuff.
    To find out what the cool stuff is, read on :P

    So I did a quick search, and I noticed that part of my suggestion mainly came up on the Crystal Saga forums, but not so much for Wartune.

    I would love to see a bit more customization for characters on Wartune. As it is at the moment the only choice we get is which class to be and which gender to be. After that we all look the same, use the same armour, have the same skills and more or less use the same astrals.

    At the moment it is not impossible to run into a character exactly the same as yours at most points in the game. This will ultimately lead to the game becoming stale for players.
    As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. This is especially true for the new generation of online gamers. Below are some suggestions that I believe would not only mean you keep your existing player base longer, but entice and retain an even larger player base.


    Character Appearance

    I have played other flash games that are less in depth and have worse art work, but you are able to change the look of your character. If you look at any successful MMO, they have a detailed appearance editor on character creation.
    Even something simple like 6 different hair styles, 6 different hair colours, 4 different facial hair types (that tie in with the 6 hair colours) and 4 different skin tones would add a great deal of depth to making your own hero.

    Character Race

    Its a fantasy game, where are the weird races?
    As its a flash game, something simple like the choice between Humans and Elves, though I'd love to see Orc's or Dwarves too.

    Character Stats

    Ok so I have designed my awesome looking savior of the world, now I want to designate where I put my stat points. I do not know what the current starting stats are as you cannot check your character sheet at level 1 (I could work it out by leveling up to 7 and counting back but really whats the point?) but why not allow us to choose what stats we want.

    Depending on class choice a certain amount would be allocated automatically, leaving us with a set amount to distribute between Strength, Armor, Intellect, Endurance and Charisma.
    You could then leave the current level up system as it is or you could even allow us to choose where we want to allocate our points as we level up.

    Skill Paths
    At the moment the Skill trees are a bit limited. Having two Tree's per class giving them different paths would be ideal. You could only choose one path, for example;

    Knight Class

    Guardian Path - Maximum focus on defence, minimum DPS.

    Destroyer Path - Medium DPS and high defence

    Archer Class

    Ranger Path - High DPS, medium defence, low buffing / healing ability

    Hunter Path - Maximum focus on DPS, low defence, low buffing ability

    Mage Class

    ArchMage Path - Maximum focus on damaging spells, medium party buffing ability, low to no healing ability, low defence

    Spirit healer Path - High healing ability, high party buffing ability, low spell damage output, low defence.


    I could go on with more ideas but I think thats enough for now. Over the years I have spent a considerable amount of money on MMORPG's, but, Wartune is the first Flash game I have ever spent money on. It's a great game and it has the potential to be even greater.

    I'm sure all of the above seems like a lot of work, and I understand the philosophy "if it aint broke, dont fix it" but in this modern world there are hundreds of thousands of online gamers like me with fist-fulls of dollars waiting to spend on the next thing that can entertain us. A few changes like the ones I listed above and I can guarantee you will see more of those dollars than you would otherwise.
    How can I guarantee it? Well thats easy, its a tried and tested formula. Its worked on every other RPG game out there, and it will work with this one.

    Of course I dont expect any of the above to be implemented because I simply made a post on the forums, but if any of the above has planted a seed or an idea into a dev's head that ultimately makes the game more enjoyable for us the players, then this wasn't a waste of time for me the writer, or you the reader.


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    this is one of the best ideas so far, i really hope r2games would pay attention to brilliant suggestions such as this. specially the character appearance, we all want to be unique somehow. and also the class skills and stats remake. knight should focus more on defense, archers would focus on single dps (assassin kind of type) to take out a single enemy faster, and mages would focus on AOE skills and buffs.
    ever since the lvl55 pvp sets came out, knights became totally buffed in both defense and offense, they dominate duels, arenas and gbs. mages havent changed that much and archers became the weakest class at the moment. i hope the developers would fix this and make the game more balanced for everyone to enjoy.


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      Well its not a bad idea but it first needs to be permitted by 7 roads and implemented on the Chinese original version and only after that u can bring it here but if i change my view point i think the points u said actually exists

      first of we don't have character customization but we do have costumes (unfortunately its not implemented here in r2 yet but it does exists) and yes u do get some awesome looks and yes we do have different hair style

      second of we can split the skill tree into 2


      Click image for larger version

Name:	Knight path.png
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	archer path.png
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Mage path.png
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ID:	1663867

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        One gd example of character appearance Mape Story! (Oops no promote of other games )