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  • server merge

    i havent been playing this game for long (about a month or so), and the server that i play was merged around a week ago.
    i heard that the purpose of the server merger is to prevent servers from dying. however i found that it was a big disadvantage especially for us the newer server that got merged. we're merged with 4 month older server.
    now there are people with 12m BR while the top BR in our server is only 2m, and we have to compete against them. Less gold from world boss ( barely get 2-3 turn before the boss died). less reward from sylph expedition (rank went down drastically), and also the top 10 BR event, (how we are supposed to improve by 8m BR in a week?, how much we have to spend?)
    at least the game developer or publisher (i dont know which one is responsible) should give us the newer server some kind of compensation so we can compete with the older server

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    Do not compete with them, its clear that you cannot unless you r a major spender or become one.
    Join them, share the benefits from having a stronger group around that's the only thing you can do now.
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      This is why I do not play for newer servers (aside from the fact they removed my only customizing way in the form of character naming). It's pretty much a quick fix as newer servers are merged after 30 days have gone by with an older server as opposed to like 6 months of playing one in the past. However, if spenders got money to waste on such, then go ahead (wait for disappointment when you can't be the top player anymore).
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