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[Discussion] Imperial War 2017.07.02

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  • [Discussion] Imperial War 2017.07.02

    Okay, I got a big question to ask: did we somehow acquire the ability to be able to talk to folks on the World Channel from different servers/platforms? If the answer's "no", then okay.

    Came home a bit late and found out I was fighting (yeah, thought I would just enter anyways instead of taking breaks so I can at least get something on days I do decide to join in the fray) a guild that has 22 people that joined in. They managed to get an 11k lead (hey, I was having fun out and about that I came home late) so my boys were set in on the first row. I went and scan each post to find that I can take them on with my units. So, goes the roving roadblock as I sent each post back to the starting line.

    I knew I was going to lose anyways since there was 40 minutes left and possibly no way to tip the scales, so I decided to have a little fun with them. However, I watched as the red posts were lit up with blue. Again, I scan those to see who's on them and make a record of such. Some were using the teleport specials, so those names were recorded as I am one who counts bullets fired before a reload happens (hence, how I can tell when someone is dry; as in ran out of stuff). Moments later as I send them back, they were at it again from far away. Balen spending, I thought to myself as I send my units once again to take care of them. I had realize the question has been answered when it was 5 or 6 times from the same people doing the same thing; yep, I am fighting a spendy guild. I laughed as they wasted balens to get those specials knowing they could have won with time and by stalling my units enough so I won't be able to do much.

    The fights were fun as one unit wiped out 4 from the other side with each fight. It reminded me of the ending part from "The One" (Jet Li) where he was fighting the entire penal colony as they were coming towards him.

    It was fun, until someone decided to ruin the fun by posting a message on World Chat (hence my question at the very beginning) on how I was a bully/hypocrite. To tell you the truth, I am just laughing because I am trying to think if it was someone from the guild I was fighting with that took the time to create a character on my home cluster, or someone I must have put away from long ago and is afraid to say it from their main (or maybe that main got banned; oops). Anyways, I just had a laugh on it as I am going to call it a night from playing and relax (been out most of the day).

    So a big shout out to the guild I fought. Even though you win because I came home late, it was truly a waste of balens as you had the upper hand. Now, I wonder how much balens were spent for those bullets.
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