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Wartune - Strike against injustice - 03.07.17

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  • Wartune - Strike against injustice - 03.07.17

    This game is more and more cashers dedicated only. Titan temple with cashers to boost their ego, impossible for lower br knighthoods, "top 3 cashers" event with tons of stuff for 3 biggest cashers on the server. and many many more. Please dont say "cashers keep game alive" there are lots of free to play games which are not pay to win and developers earn lots of money. Why? Because games are good and people spend money for cosmetic things. Cashing in wartune is just like cheating. Getting for real money stuff which is impossible to get for normal people. r2 is very greedy company and its time to say stop. Lets gather up in this topic and show them players power. We have lots of games to play. They need us more than we need them. Tomorrow(03.07.17 ) lets stop login to game. Lets show cashers and r2 what non cashers means in this game.

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    all games give benfite to casher some how like ther can enter things befor all other, som games has special serv whit few players on so less lagg only for paying members


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      If I had to spend, it would be when the game's good in its performance and the satisfaction of the players in the majority. I'm only playing this game with the events I feel that are of fun and/or beneficial to me as a player. It's a short list and it gets shorter each time I see something I am used to all of sudden changed to something I want no part in.

      If I want to spend, I would be one expensive operator as I want all my units to be equal with the spending.

      Sometimes, what gets me is the fact something to be suggested has to have pages of posts to even to be considered. I think that's a little far-fetched in my opinion. Ideally, I would love it if feedback to be made from the developer's perspective so that way I will know if it's something to be considered or I have to write more to support my feedback.

      You can have a strike, but devs won't care for the free players. They aren't losing money over them. Now if all the spenders stopped spending for many months (not a single recharge from anyone) and not just days, will probably get them to do something if they don't take the cheap and easy way out by shutting down the game.

      I had thought that we're the only ones who play Wartune. However, there are other publishers that host this game as well as the Chinese host. If a single publisher is doing good in the spending, the devs won't listen.
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        We agree that the game has shifted the last 2 years into heavy cashing to stay competitive.

        Like i've mentioned in my other forum posts, the design of the game doesn't put a cap on BR, but you'll refer to top 100 for Titan temple as reference to populate competition.

        The design of the game just allows whales to keep feeding and generating a higher BR ceiling. Even if the challenge is modified, its not within tolerable range for low or new KH'd players.

        Thats why the challenge is posed to the devs of the game, is there anything as game quests, or is the plan to bleed wallets.
        The patches have been lack luster, with only increasing chances for whales to grow their battle ratings.

        Maybe when most of the F2P community disappears, whales will start complaining about lack of competition, or lack of people in BG to bully/camp on.


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          I have been a free player for years with the exception of VIP. It is possible to gain high BR from hard work. I have worked very hard on my toon over the years and feel the game has been made easier for new players then it was when I started playing.

          I use to spend months just trying to get items to make new gear (armor helm ect), now players can upgrade their gear with a few mpd runs and digs from the wilds.

          I spent even longer doing everything I could to gain exp for talents, now exp is everywhere.

          When the merge sylph come out I never thought I would get one but now I have 4 that I have got for free.

          Titan temple came out it was harder then a brick wall, I was mad I could not beat the 3rd level in it. I kept doing it everyday for the little rewards I was getting, now on most days I can beat all 8.

          Money goes to keep the game going and this forum.

          There are people that need to be paid for the many hours they have put into programming.

          There are bills to pay such as this forum which was not created by R2 but bought to use so that everyone can have a place to see new events or post thoughts on the game.

          Yes things can seem unfair at times but without players that do pay to play there would be no game. There would be no money to buy new programs to keep the game up and running.

          All games need those that have to have the newest things first that will pay to get them. Even console games now have DLC and pay to play on their multi player online servers to cover the cost of things.
          When posting about bugs please include your IGN, platform and server.


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            I agree with many of your points X-23.
            No one is saying R2 shouldn't get paid, we know that games dont run for free.

            The issue is that the design of the game is driving players away.

            I believe you need a balance of cashers high and low, as well as free players.

            The flaw has been:
            1. Lack of Consistency in the Game Design
            2. Lack of Balance

            1. Lack Consistency
            • The game in the first two years allowed for low spending, and F2P players to have fun without having to worry about over-spending.Event chests used to contain both clothing and mounts. After Year 2, there was a drive to separate the boxes, and eventually raise the price of event boxes/items needed to be exchanged for mount and wings.From this point on, it started to divide players further and further.
            • Many players have noted, filed, and reported bugs that rarely get fixed, and eventually the nuisance of having to keep tickets alive every two weeks. Some of these bugs are from 2 years+ that never get fixed liked group arena league points, or the start button.
            • We see events where there are players that are not point of the cross server grouping, and belong to another cross server, because their guilds, and server #'s do not show up in the top 100 players list of the current cross server listing, even if that player's BR is 40m, and in top 25 player list easily.
            • We've seen where guilds-servers are added and removed randomly from events, while ongoing events such as Imperial War, or Venus War have already been ongoing for 2-3 weeks.
            • There has been a cry in the community to better manage Outlands. It just seems that any new "content" is dumped into Titan City. Titan Temple, Time Portal, Endless Abyss, Can a Developer explain how this is tied to Outland Contest/Postgrab/ Exploration?

            2. Lack of Balance
            • As many have reported its impossible for new KH or low KH players to do Titan Temple, as the game design references a player pool consisting of the top 100 battle rating. Making this event impossible for many. And many know Battle Rating keeps rising faster for cashers, which means growth rate is accelerated. Which means a player w/ 40M+ can get to 50m+, but a 10M+ has to get to 25M+ just to attempt Titan Temple. And for that 10M+ KH player, he/she should have to spend up just to even do Titan Temple.
            • Once a player enters KH, they're put in the same battleground as everyone else. So a 8M Knighthood archer would have to go up against a 50M BR knight in the same battleground event. This is where bullying, spawn camping occurs. As mentioned in another forum post, a big spender aka "whale" would rather go after the 8M BR than fight someone who's the same BR. (ie. 36M+ vs 35M+), because its takes too much time to fight the 35M+ person.
            • Battlegrounds- The game was designed w/ a level 80 cap. The game wants you to get to level 80. But once you hit lvl 80, the events get worse. the developers stopped caring then, and it just became how much you can pour on. Because there's no real separation between a 14M+ and a 50M+ player side by side, besides the amount of money spent by the 50M+ So how do you expect people to be competitive? Calculate how many dryads a 14M+ archer needs to take down a 40M+ knight.
            • This is highlighted further by the egregious error when whoever (R2, or Wartunes-Aeriagames publisher) decided to add guilds back into a Imperial War event that was already in week3. In Imperial War you want competition, there will be guilds that will lose, and guilds that will win where they shouldn't have just based on guild strength, but when you put in a guild that is 200% of the next guild on the strength list, you've rendered the event pointless, because you won't be able to achieve 1st place anymore.
            • As good as the developers intentions are with some of the "new content", it actually hurts events
              • Cross Server Sylph Arena and Merged Sylphs Made Sylph Arena Impossible for many, in addition with HST. Whales are able to improve beyond the average player.
              • Eudaemon Arena, with the addition of the Willpower merged Eudaemon, it makes it further impossible to kill in Arena, as well as Titan temple, because they are more durable and stronger than an unmerged.
              • Titan Runes: This is worst one because Titan Runes was at a time $$ driven, then became free. But also it slows down battles, doesn't work sometimes with normal runes queue'd up in between. This is also the reason why group arenas, battlegrounds are slow, because of the cast time, on top of any lag issues.
            • Overall game play of cross server events, In the past Class War, Titan War, Chaos War, Steel War, were every 4 weeks, which meant you'd see it 2x a week every 4 weeks. Which meant 26 times a year on average. Athena replaced Titan, Ares replaced Class, Steel and Chaos was deleted. However these events were 26 times a year became 52times a year, because its once a week for 52 weeks. Cross Server Guild battle was for 3 month duration with about a 1-2 month break. so no more than 2-3 sessions = 12-16 times x2 = ~ 30-32 times a year. Imperial War is weekly @ 52 weeks.

            As much as you need money to operate and maintain servers, you also need a player community to keep playing the game.
            As more and more players, whether it be light casher, moderate, or F2P stop playing or funding the game, the popularity will wane, because events will have less people participating.
            Something like a battlegrounds would suffer greatly if it lost any more players, and big spenders having to create alt accounts just to kill feed themselves.

            The devs need to realize the reality, is that Wartunes is a good game because of the community and the ability for people to just be here to chat.
            If you alienate players because of uptick in cost, or consistently bad events, or inability for players to play (i.e. lag, bugs, unfixed tickets, unbalance), players will always walk away.

            Paying a premium doesn't make it a premium game, there are other MMORPG's that have more content, better issue management, and cost 1/3 of the price. (Yes we know there are people here that have spent over $100k)

            If R2 is going to boast Wartunes as one of the MMORPG's of the year, we'd like to hear why.


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              It took me somewhere from a year or two to get the 4 million BR without spending (yeah, I probably been off more times during that time; can't really blame me if the game isn't up to snuff in the performance department).
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                dun forget they great rewards in the shops (those make also making ppl losing intrest in playing events.) most go just in afk


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                  Originally posted by R22289894 View Post
                  dun forget they great rewards in the shops (those make also making ppl losing intrest in playing events.) most go just in afk
                  athena shop is worst crazy high prices on all thing in it and the points we get for wins and so on is so low it is realy not worth 1hr it take.


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                    So true. I remember getting ticked off when we had Class Wars and Titan Wars that if we didn't make it to the finals, we have to settle on the mediocre items as the points given was low and the prices were high. I wanted the mount at the time. I can understand now that their replacements do not have an expired date, but the points are still low.
                    Vicious! Approach with Caution!
                    Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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                      I dont believe the items/ rewards are supposed to be that great.

                      Remember when Cross Server guild battle didn't have updates for rewards for the longest time.

                      These "cross server events" are more to allow cashers to measure up their spending, and see if they need more to stay on top.
                      Most of the rewards those cashers will never need. The best items are the empire trucheons, and the skill books.
                      The trucheons you can't really get anywhere else, like how it was in Titan War. Everything else a whale, or casher can buy.

                      Thats why many people dont bother with Athena War, and you'll see drop in Ares war and Imperial War soon based on how its mismanaged.

                      haruwind you're right on your points, but as long as people log and do events, these wont change.
                      R2's backup is always a server merge and new server promotions.


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                        I hardly bother with Athena War or even Ares War (I am either out on those days or I just don't feel like doing since I know it's all one sided). Imperial War, I might do, but starting to wean myself out of such as well since it's like the 405 during rush hour (or no hour, the same) traffic. In that, I either just leave them parked for the whole hour after grabbing posts, or I just check on them every 10 minutes (I don't bother doing the treasure hunting anymore) to see if there is some kind of life. About 70% of my matches consist of those who do not show on the other side; 20% consist of fun sparring events (damn, I wish for chat within said area, cross platform) where we traded blows; and 10% consist of those who spend more than they should (50% within that would have them winning after I come home late, while 50% would have them losing).

                        What really killed me (aside from the performance problems) is the limits that some genius put forth in the shops. I got all the currency I can hope for, but I buy in bulk and not in small quantities. That's on how I think (in real life as well since I do own a large truck and live a great distance away from shops).
                        Vicious! Approach with Caution!
                        Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
                        Mobile Strike Player: Base 1102 / Com 550 / 672* Power / VIP 1300
                        Dissidia Final Fantasy - Opera Omnia: Rank 60