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  • Venus battle

    Hi guys,

    Can we ask the devs to make it so in Venus Battle we can use party chat with the couples. It is very frustrating when you need to ask info about what box you are going to get when there is no party chat and you have to either use pm, guild chat or world chat.

    This would benefit most couples and take out most of the chat that is not necessary for every player to see.
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    This has been forwarded and we are awaiting a response. Thanks for your patience


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      Originally posted by Mentor_Rambler View Post
      This has been forwarded and we are awaiting a response. Thanks for your patience
      how many months ago ? party chat been broken since venus wars came out ............


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        I don't usually do Venus, can you talk in /A chat and see it? I was going to test that this weekend, but missed it.
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          In the waiting period that goes on between battles, you can't talk to your partner at all.
          This used to work awhile ago, maybe 6 months ago, until something w/ the game changed/disabled it.

          While engaged in the 2vs2 pvp fight, you can party chat, otherwise while in waiting room mode its turned off.


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            This is one problem with the game, they take forever to fix something that would be easy to fix, they just don't care. I don't think it is an issue of them not knowing how, they just simply don't fix things unless it helps us It's like they want to see how we react to them doing stuff like this. This has been going on since venus has came out IIRC. Many people have posted about it in forums and I am sure many have sent in tickets about it and yet we are still dealing with it months later.