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Mechanics and lack of attention to details.

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  • Mechanics and lack of attention to details.

    Why is it so hard for the Dev's or anyone able to address this issue to the dev's about the basics of game mechanics to be explained? Why must they skip the foundation of character spreadsheets and iteration of stats? Kind sir moderators,
    Explain to your customer/gamers the essential stats given/shown in your character stat menu each what it details and the properties it fixates its attributes from/to its function. Why must the Dev's delve deeper into creating content without substance. Yes some of you may be asking, why is this person asking for numerical objective to justify the numbers being shown on your character spread sheets...Why is he so menial and tediously vexed over floating numbers. That is just it my forum dwelling amigo's. Why BOTHER putting in a spreadsheet like stat allocation, if more than 90% of the player base is UNCERTAIN on the stats function of the stats. It is completely and UTTER useless to even have a character spread sheet if a developer cannot explain in clear writting and formula how and why the stat works the way it works.

    Do not get me wrong, the stat system is fine as long as there is a "manual" to read it. Without the manual, it is useless if you get what I am saying in that terms.
    What irks me the most is why is it so hard to have someone in the developement staff to address these issues which I am certain floats around the forum. It is being heard I know it is, it is just not being addressed. Why?

    Either take 5 minutes of your time from LAUNCHING NEW SERVERS and gather new players to the ever growing wartune community and address the Minorities OR do not implement something to fill a "hole" in the system. It is highly redonkulous to go through the game having the majority of the gaming population NOT knowing half of the things you implement in game. It is ABSURD and ignorant. Noone likes to live life in bliss, although at times it help, at times it just makes you incompetent. so please for the LOVE of god, before you evolve your game to the next level....address your basics to the community.

    /constructive criticism.