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Eudaemon tita city

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  • Eudaemon tita city


    You could facilitate the win of titans in the game, of all the platforms of your version, Brazilian Spanish ... this is the most difficult to get item to get tita in tita city, with a medium power of 10kk in the least bad happens A floor, this already is a good power for a wartune player, where it has very strong players, you could facilitate the gain of items in tita city (animation stone, charge fragment to get tita in the game? Or any other idea you might plan? ... or even the chance to drop in luck exchange ...


    There is no event to get an item to strengthen orange guard (yellow - golden sand) equipment, other than buying diamonds? Which is very expensive, you could put event even if it was in luck exchange to be able to get it

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    Others have suggested that they improve the rewards so that the gold sand for equipment drops so people can enchant., same applies to the mystery shop as well.

    If the devs want to do it they can, it just seems this is one of the few areas that the devs have made a seperation point for cashers vs free to play players.
    As you know cashers they dont find it too much to be an isssue, since it "give them" something to spend their balens on for those big spender events.

    The game design is repetitive, in many of the events the rewards are just plain ****.


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      the publisher also gets to decide if they want a feature or not ... so not only in hands of the devs


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        Then they need to really start listening to the players.
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          Originally posted by denc0 View Post
          the publisher also gets to decide if they want a feature or not ... so not only in hands of the devs
          one of the mods said it was also a great idea that he'll put it on the "list"

          I think that list is not different than santa's toy list.

          However I think the dev's basically dont care anymore, because as long as people keep feeding the game money for silly things like merged eudaemon, the devs will think its great.

          The mod's have this santa wish list, but we as a player community rarely see anything get done.

          After 5 years if this game hasn't done anything new-game changing, maybe its time to venture else where for entertainment.