I'm level 54, cleared up to 94 in CATA, but I can never find Crypt Keys. Our altar is level 8, I do all the solo runs (8 a day) manually so I can open mystery chests and of course the 3 MPDs. That's 35 shots a day at a crypt key and so far I'm 1 out of 245 in the last week. I'm not saying they should be part of the daily devotion rewards, but this is ridiculous. I didnt realize how bad it was because I saved the keys I got early until I could clear level 70 and they, combined with the roughly 1 a week I'm finding, lasted me for a while. Anyhow thats close to 7 million exp and a ton of gems I'm missing out on in the last week alone. I have no idea what the odds are of getting one from a chest or the altar, but if it's as bad as it seems to be there should be a way to get 1 or 2 as part of weekly quests. Maybe if you do all 3 MPDs each day for the week get 1, or get 95+ devotion a day for 7 in a row or part of the check in package...

I have however, collected over 100 worthless protection tokens. Okay, they arent worthless, they are worth the 5K gold you can sell them for. Yippee. Absent some addition to PVP in the wilds all I need to do is donate, or use my gold. How about a trading system where players can trade 20 protection tokens for one Crypt Key...or 50 for a Socketing Rod. I'm at the point where I would prefer to see something like "Chest Was Empty" versus yet another protection token.

Yes, I know I could always break out the credit card to play wallet the game, but dropping $6 a week just for Crypt keys is ludicrous.

As an aside I think the plundering system needs revision. I fail to see why people ever keep much gold on hand. If you need to do enchantments just do them as the gold comes in. Like I already have my 55 set and 3 out of 4 pieces are up to 18, and the last is at +15...I will level it at after the next WB. What is wrong with plundering gold that accumulates while people are off line? Yes it would mean abandoned cities would be gold mines, but is that worse than creating a system where people dont have anything to lose? I use gold before I go off line and donate down to almost 0 as do many people from what I'm finding. Just plundered someone for 2 gold. Dont worry, I will save that for a rainy day.