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Tattoo Engraving Stones

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  • Tattoo Engraving Stones

    Posted this before, but figured it's time to post it again.....they really, really need to have another exchange for these things! You can save all the crystals you want, but when you're working on the 3rd and 4th level and get failures every other turn (total ** by the way) it's almost impossible to max them.

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    Those things are ludicrously overpriced (rather like everything in the outland shop other than smelt stones). That one exchange was the only reasonable way to level tattoo engraving beyond level 4 or so. You need at least a dozen attempts worth to have a reasonable confidence of at least being able to retain your current level and stat, and with luck getting higher level.


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      Exactly....bad enough they're hard to collect enough of them to be able to do anything, then they throw that failure thing in there which means you've just wasted X number of days (or weeks) of collecting crystals on nothing.


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        The engraving stones provide substantial boost to either getting Knighthood class advance or just boosting stats further.

        Yes they do cost quite abit.

        You will probably have to save up a lot outland crystals, and even engraving them theres a high chance of failure or going backwards too.

        There was once a flash sale that sold them 1:1balen months ago.

        But this just goes back to the adage of the game, if you dont spend you wont get far enough.
        At this point of the game, its mostly about routine grinding, or spending. The one that outlasts the other is up to the player.


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          Originally posted by clicker View Post
          Posted this before, but figured it's time to post it again.....they really, really need to have another exchange for these things!
          Yes a new exchange event would be great. It's been a while since the last one. I'm busy with the last wheel, but it's hard to get it right. The chance I lose a starlevel is big at the end. And the chance i get the wrong kind of tattoo is much bigger than the right one. 1 out of 4.
          And every turn costs 4 stones


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            I agree....another way to get these stones would be nice. I can't even get into The Outlands because apparently my guild hasn't signed up and the guild master seems to be hardly on when i'm online...getting them through online awards takes a long time. Another way to earn these stones or another system that's selling them would be nice.


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              You can get them at the moment in the online rewards
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                Originally posted by Mentor_Equinox View Post
                You can get them at the moment in the online rewards
                Key words: getting them through online awards takes a long time.

                So apparently I already know you can get them through online rewards...Doesn't change the statement one iota. "Another way to earn these stones or another system that's selling them would be nice."


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                  A drop in price would be great. It doesn't have to be much (from 1500 to 1250 or so) but now it can be tough once you mess up the engraving with the wrong stat. Normally i save up around 40 or 50 to mess with it, sometimes it goes well but sometimes i end up with the wrong stat. And to top that, these fails easily cost 3 stars so you not only end up with the wrong stat, you overall are weaker once you have the desired stat.

                  In my last failed attempt i went from +45% Int to +30% and it takes ages to recover from that. This is the reason i never mess with the 3-stones or 4-stones engravings because recovering from a fail will cost too much engravingstones. I agree, another place to pick them up would be great, or reduce the price. When there was no failing involved it would be just fine.

                  That failing was only implemented for us players so we can spend 2000 balens (€20,-) in order to prevent that from happening. Well, there is no way that i am spending €20,- friggin euro's to prevent a fail and even still end up with the wrong stat. Might aswell throw my money in a pond.

                  Good to see them in the online rewards but it isn't near enough to fiddle with them.


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                    I agree, the failures at high levels are incredibly painful, and ridiculously hard to come back from. I've learned my lesson after a couple of losses - always have at least 30 attempts in reserve if you're trying for a level over 5-6 stars. Which means 90 or 120 stones minimum if going for the third or fourth wheel. And you should expect to need a lot more to get the last couple of levels, 30 is just so you have a decent shot at not losing when you gamble on trying to get higher. Unless you're very lucky, you're going to use hundreds of stones per wheel to max them out.

                    So 1 stone here and there is basically nothing towards getting higher levels, although it will help newbies who need the initial levels.