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change the gameplay in world boss

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    Originally posted by Freddypainter View Post
    WB is fine, sure it could last a little longer for people to get devo. Im only just top 40 on server and can dominate wb. It doesnt matter how bg u r its how u use it ! (sarcoff)

    The only viable and doable sudjestion to modifie wb is to let it respawn a few times.

    Another sudjestion could be is the system Auto-strips wb participants Eudies+Sylph's+Titans apon entering wb.
    There used to be WB 3x a day, and in the past Eudaemon attacks didn't count towards damage, so people were stripping/resting them.
    Your points are valid and realistic, but many people have asked for improved WB, we doubt the devs will do anything to facilitate this.