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guardian shield titan skill

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  • guardian shield titan skill

    is it me or is there a skill that removes the guardian shield titan skill. cause i read it say it last 2 turns but when i was in titan temple it didnt even last one turn after i got hit with something. I thought that skill cant be dispelled or is r2games trying to cheat us on this titan skill.

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    Every titan skill can actually get removed if a dispel skill or titan skill (reverse time) is used on you. Since you said you were in titan temple, my guess would be that you fought a mage. Knighted mage have a passive that have a chance to add a dispel effect when they attack if I remember correctly.
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      wow bad enough they made titan temple battle unfair they have to add this on us too.


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        Not exactly added, it's been there since the beginning. But mages in TT are the biggest trolls, stealing awakening and dispelling buffs randomly. It's because it's 4 on 1, so basically every attack hits you, so you suffer those random effects as often as possible.