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New 5th year anniversary events

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  • New 5th year anniversary events

    well r2 ive seen the r2 5th year anniversary events and I can say this

    suppose to celebrate the life of wartune but u made it a mass suicide this new event lol well done bone heads

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    what a celebration... not much to get unless spend and offcourse they give the best casher more and more... why only rewards for the top3 why cant they make rewards for say top 50/100


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      Originally posted by R22289894 View Post
      what a celebration... not much to get unless spend and offcourse they give the best casher more and more... why only rewards for the top3 why cant they make rewards for say top 50/100
      they need to make cashers feel special for spending something. its proven that with the bad anniversary event that this devs dont care.

      rewards are always for the top 3, because those 3 will spend the most on the server and have the higher br.

      the devs have other games they work on, i doubt they really care about wartunes as much as new games where they can make more money.


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        It's a very misguided move on R2's part. By repeatedly rewarding only the top 3 cashers on each server with overpowered rewards, R2 is artificially accelerating the gap in BR between those "top" players and everyone else, in the hopes that it will force others to cash. But here's the problem - it's having the precise opposite effect.

        Even relatively heavy cashers are being discouraged from spending more than they are accustomed to, because they realize that no matter what they spend at this point, the BR gap between them and these "top 3" will only continue to increase over time, while Non-cashers certainly won't be inclined to start spending now, as they have absolutely ZERO chance at this point of becoming even REMOTELY as powerful as those at the top.

        R2 may think they are encouraging the rest of the player base to spend more in-game, but they are simply shooting themselves in the foot. Of course the top players support it; it's the classic "we're at the top of the ladder, now let's pull the ladder up" approach. By artificially inflating the BR gap between a very few vs. the very many, all you are doing is ensuring that the vast majority of your player base will become even more convinced that the game is not worth their time & money.

        R2 is essentially tampering with the natural state of the game's economic market; they're creating an artificially inflated bubble, and as the past has proven, attempts to manipulate markets always fail. The way for R2 to ensure they continue to profit is to let the market control itself. In other words, keep your damn hand out of it, R2 - the players themselves will provide adequate incentive for "the competition" to spend more. But no one will spend more when they see no chance of ever making it to the top themselves.


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          People will continue to spend just because your #1 for the last year doesn't mean someone isnt out to get you.
          Because whales dont complain much about the game because they can overcome most issues by spending.

          R2 games normally dont last for 5 years+ because they run out of content at some point.
          Its only because people keep funding the game, there is something running. If you look at their past history of games, they've moved onto the 2nd or 3rd iteration every 2-3 years.

          It boils down to,if people keep throwing money at the game, why would you ever stop.

          Yes the game is in a bad state, do the devs care? Honestly not. Devs are working on other games so our bugs are low priority. When it comes to balens, they'll perk up.

          The game hasn't seen much change or improvement over the past year, only the addition of the merged eudaemon.
          Everything else is basically the same, so for many do you like to grind out the game 6-8hrs a day daily with no improvement? This is the 5th year of the game.

          Friends have kept many people playing, but as the game becomes repetitive, and people just get tired and quit.

          You can see on your servers who'll always finish in the top 3-5 in spending, ares, athena, imperial war. They're usually the same people, unless they've quit playing.

          While its not entirely R2's issue, they haven't done enough to fix it either. As Vegas says, money plays!


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            We had one top spender quit. I don't remember who it was, but when I checked, he wasn't on the rankings. So, yeah, I know where you come from when people get tired of the game.

            I play for the friends I keep. Once they are all gone, I will also ride off into the sunset.
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              they really dun care they throw out this ** events for "thanking" us for past 5 years all rubish in there they could have shown some more appreciation towards the players who made it possible thatt hey lived 5 years