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Suggestion: A VIP Only Server (No-Balens)

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  • Suggestion: A VIP Only Server (No-Balens)

    Hello friends at R2Games,

    Wartune is a wonderful game. However, the pay structure makes the game pretty difficult to play and succeed at without feeling like the guy next to you who dropped a couple grand has an incredibly unfair advantage. And I get that, but I had an idea which, if humored, may be a win-win for everyone.

    So here it is:

    I would love to have just one server which featured no balens or balens related purchases, a server where a players tactics truly are the governing factor in their ranking. The server could still be monetized by offering VIP, or requiring VIP for players to join. I feel the revenue from this server would be through the sheer amount of population flocking to the game (old and new) with their friends to buy VIP and experience a fair Wartune. And who knows, maybe something like this will expose more high spenders to your other servers as well.

    Wartune really is an incredible game. I feel that a server with only VIP as a microtransaction could generate an incredible amount of revenue solely based on the quantity of players it would attract. Just one server like this, is it an idea worth trying out?

    Thank you for your time,

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    Then all the Cliffords are going to cry that they won't have the easy fights/victories in some of the PVP events. Even though, they should put them all into a section of their own and leave the rest of us to our own devices when it comes to building up to our characters and competing.
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      while the idea is a good one, like Meikura001 said you're going to have people that cry about it

      the biggest issue is that the devs wouldn't know how to implement it since you would have to split a single server into two groups.

      I think contraction of server clusters, and rebalancing makes more sense, but as an R2 mod once said, they dont control what the publishers do.

      smaller server clusters might be more fun since it might offer better balance, if you look at the Imperial War/ or Rave Server rankings, there are still ridiculous gaps between servers.
      So R2 could realistically push for regrouping based on spending of servers.

      but just a side note, i believe that R2 is contracting servers by merging them, there are now servers that contain 3-5 more servers making them over 2B or 3B easily.