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  • Wartune

    wartune wartune ... you were so good in 2012 what happened to you
    wartune wartune ...
    in 2012 there was no clothing & mount cashers weren't in
    the game was getting more & more players day after day
    but suddenly ...
    after a while you induct sylphs ... class wars became sylph war
    the game started to went downhill losing players day after day
    wartune wartune ...
    then after some time you induct eudaemons the game stopped making sense
    too much events to do & less time for real
    please give us what was old

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    I started wartune around mid year 2012 and joined forums year after. I wish you could buy clothing. This game takes a lot out off people upgrading so much and its a bit pricey but highly popular. It has its ups and down. Takes a lot to build up.



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      this game is no longer good
      it was only good in the 1st 2 years of it's release


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        I started in the late part of 2012 and played for a few months into 2013 until it became mundane and repetitive with no end in sight. I went to Shadowbound until 2015 and came back to when Wartune had the unlimited events that got me somewhere at the very least. I was able to use 4 guys on 4 gaming windows in passing through MPDs and Spire without having it locked up on me. People were astounded in watching 4 guys walked at the same time, 3 guys (when helping another) executing skills with a second delay (press, click to the next window, press, repeat until back at the first).

        Now, it becomes a drudgery of the past where performance problems plague servers, flashy fairy clothing (sorry, but this is Wartune and you're supposed to be intimidating; save that for the fashion show), flashy mounts (and some don't even make sense to logic), nerfed events, nerfed rewards, and more bugs that tick off the players in fighting with one another instead of taking it out on the ones responsible. If that wasn't insulting enough, more spend based events that widen the BR gap and sense of matching.

        With the way it is going, Wartune might not see a 6th. At least they won't have us support a lie that it's the best MMO of all time.
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          Most of these games are at its peak within years 1-2, anything else is leftover momentum.

          Many have already stated that these anniversary events are getting worse or inconsiderate, on top of lack of good content, and lack of issue fixes.

          Although many blame R2, they're just publishers. The reality is that like many game developers, they've moved focus off Wartune, and onto other projects.
          But many players refuse to acknowledge the reality, but to each their own.

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