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    so many people complain and there are no changes....sweet


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      i was able to pass 5 stages in titan temple before this stupid patch and will power overpower in there. now i cant even pass stage one. and then to make it worse i failed animate 7 times in a row!!!! are these stupid developers reading our posts on the forum. why the hell do they even make this forum for anyways? just so we can give them something to read and laugh about. i am getting sick of this game to the point about just quitting. I understand the mods are not the developers but the messengers to them. but seriously they really need to light a fire to these morons and get things done or pretty soon something bad will happen and it will be too late to reverse it.


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        they don't long people donate..why would they make the game better,fix bugs etc? makes sense no ??


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          the forums seem more like a ranting board, than a place where we can discuess things to progress the game.
          the moderators for the most part, most of them dont play the game
          the devs dont do anything that is in the interest of the player community

          events and things seems to get worse, now they're asking people about lag-logging issues in survey?

          Titan temple just seems like a can of worms thats just gets worse and worse.


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            Originally posted by Takashi007x View Post
            the moderators for the most part, most of them dont play the game
            All Wartune moderators play Wartune. I've been playing as well, but it'll be some time before I'll feel the same pains.

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              Originally posted by magerarcherknight View Post
              are these stupid developers reading our posts on the forum.
              That's an easy question to answer: no they are not. Best we can hope for is that one of the mods helps escalate the problem, and then the dev team actually works on it. Remember that this is an R2 forum, and R2 doesn't actually develop the game.

              Willpowers have definitely made Titan Temple a lot harder, because they're just so hard to kill, and the sea witch will heal for ridiculous amounts of hp. Even when I win it takes twice as long now, so I'm skipping a lot of days. Pre-willpowers, it was easier for them to kill me with stacked debuffs if they kept me from awakening, but now it's more of a pain even if it's harder for me to lose.


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                these will power is making temple so unfair. I mean these guys are stronger than their masters!!!


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                  MrFancyPants Actually, one of them did when they took bits of my Wartune Reborn post and post it on their Facebook Page that I caught wind of it, courtesy of a person who told me of such. Even though I was flattered, but I wished the devs contacted me prior to making my piece known; not only that, but to be really proactive in fixing this game so it can be played again.
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