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willpowers and awoken

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  • willpowers and awoken

    willpowers can awake. in titan temple they can use the sylph icon for aweke. how we can unlock the awake?

    sub-euds have sense in something? i should sub-eud the euds that i'll do willpower ?

    i'm still a lot confused on willpower and i'm not too far for have the my 1st.
    every hero has his hamster!

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    It seems to be automatic when player awake (i let people with willpower correct), i add another question to your thread, does the awakening skill is applied on themselves or to the characters also ? what is the percentage ?

    2. Awakening skill details:
    Willpower Awakening Skill Details
    Void Emissary Battle Rage Increases damage dealt by party.
    Angel of Light Thunder Fury Adds Delphic Skill crit rate and own crit damage.
    Sea Witch Running Waters Chance to generate a shield that can absorb damage for a targeted party member.
    Death Specter Repentance Chance to decrease targets’ crit/block rates.
    Eagle Warrior Immortal Force Chance to recover a certain percent of own HP.


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      Has anyone seen the shield from sea witch yet cos i been playing with mine since patch and have yet to see it


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        Yes, yesterday i have seen it for the first time in TT. It gives a sort of fire-ish effect. My AoE skill (Hells requiem) didn't do anything to them.