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Athena War waiting game

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  • Athena War waiting game

    Just a suggestion, but they should allow us to to access guild vault, archaeology screen, etc while waiting between fights in Athena war. Kinda stinks having to sit there and do nothing, especially if you get that Weletach guy or whatever and have 5 minutes of staring at the screen.

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    Agreed, it's pretty ridiculous you can't open the guild window, especially since you can open if just as long as there's a link in chat to someone's treasure chest.
    And I needed to convert some res crystals in the blacksmith and couldn't, with no obvious reason it wouldn't work. So entirely aside from the wasted time, there are things you should be able to do that are blocked with no real justification.


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      I think many people agree with you. Alot of these events are repetitive, and tiresome.

      In many ways the old Titan War was much better.

      On our server most people dont bother with these Cross Server Events anymore, the rewards aren't as good, and the events are overly repetitive.