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For are the bad things, there are also good things.

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  • For are the bad things, there are also good things.

    Today a new Rave-event started and my oh my, i am pleased to see that we only have to do 200 devotion in order to get a full pull.

    The change was made very silently but R2 could have shouted it from the rooftops because this is a very good change. The voice of the players has been heard and the developers gave back what was taken a wile ago. Very pleased i am.

    Another good thing is that some resources are more easy to get. Adv.Mahra and Adv.Sepul anyone? Sky Trail (Resource-plunder Trail some say) welcomed moondust, moonrock, adv.mahra and adv.sepul wich mages Sky-Trail worth the time again. New stages to complete. Yes, the reward for clearing a stage is not much but that always was a one-time thing. Now you do it daily and actually collect plenty of goodies from it. So 7.5 brought us good things too.
    Eudeamon-War is also a great addition to the game. Remember the times that you couldn't upgrade your golden eud-gear? That is part of history now. Remember the times you wanted Red Copper so bad that when you found out the Bounty Targets only had one boss who gave it, that you almost cried? Not anymore, we now have mats for days and make ourselves some sturdy euds to fight next to our side.

    Oh, and what about storagespace to go with it? Guilds can open new pages for us to put more items in so we don't have to worry about how to save all of our collected mats.

    Despite the lag, 7.5 brought us very much and i love it.