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slow loading/ delay

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  • slow loading/ delay

    why does it need to take so long to load wartune? why arena sooo slow that when you go in sylph mode you can do 1 or if lucky 2 attacks before awakening points ran out??

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    to me it works just fine...but there is ton of delay while moving...picking stuffs..collecting etc


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      Yah I am going thru some delay issues in the game....there are couple of people in my server having this issue not everyone...

      I had delay in picking up Green Souls in Guild Chamber but works normal with other colored souls....

      DI rewards skipping frames while running around to pick up rewards.,,,

      Forging delay i mean like SLOWWWWWW MO DELAY....

      Collecting rewards in event takes about 3-4 secs each click....

      I can guarantee its not my pc...its their server...


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        its indeed on their end what's causing the delay etc have net speed of above 600 MB/s quadcore 2.6MHZ 16gb workram nvidia geforce gtx960m


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          they basically broke there game finally instead of fixing what was broken they broke it beyond return its a serious issue


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            they adding to much flashing fancy stuff what needs loads of loading


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              Today was weird, the game locked up (froze) for 5 seconds, then it was 10 to 15 seconds oke to freeze again for 5 seconds. Dunno what caused it and at some point it was over but several other players experienced it too. Maybe the devs are trying things to reduce lag? It was serverwide and suddenly all was back to normal (7.5 normal, not normal as before the patch). :P


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                A few of their events (tasks within) had caused my windows to exhibit the (Not Responding) suffix to the title bar. I can be transitioning from the homestead room to cloud city (as I park my units when I exit the game so I don't have to be parked in front of that big Day-O swirly when I do come in) and it would exhibit that; I could go from Cloud City to my City (and vice versa) and it will exhibit that. I am surprised to read that the devs do not know what they did wrong or where the fault lies. Everything was working fine to the point they made a blunder and made everyone hidden everywhere that their emergency maintenance did worse when they supposedly fix that problem. But let them try to figure it out since we all know it will get swept under the rug.
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                  they need to stop opening more servers wich they merge in a few ... after opening.. instead they need to spend time to make gameplay smoother and upgrade their stuff


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                    Only zone I have no lag at all in is Dims, of all ones. Dims are now my favorite thing to do cause I don't spend half my time staring at a frozen screen Atoll and DI and collecting things are a nightmare to do.


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                      The moderator said they will try to fix this on the next maintenance but don't expect much they can't even fix a simple EUDA RAGE bar not filling up which they said was fixed on last maintenance...


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                        Would be nice if they fix this loading problem as well>
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                          Even though I don't play with R2 Client, it takes a long time to load. Please fix loading time.
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