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Do you want another way to get animate stones than Titan Temple? (Poll)

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  • Do you want another way to get animate stones than Titan Temple? (Poll)

    Do you want another way to get animate stones than Titan Temple? Publisher should listen players voice, right? Let's check if our opinion means something for r2games.
    Yes, I want hot event with animate stones.
    Yes, I want new dungeon with animate stones as reward.
    Yes, I want hot event and new dungeon with animate stones.
    No, I don`t want any new way to get animate stones.
    More rewards for current Titan Temple levels.

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    Leave animate stones as TT, but let's have events that allow people to get titans directly.


    • #3
      TT is complete **** now with the sea matter what I try those broads give complete heals and it has become pointless to even try anymore. So yes a new place to get them, so all the cashers can have fun in TT would be pretty damn nice.


      • #4
        I encourage all the top casher with bullhorn to put on FRIGGA and Sea witch before the reset and it works....I HAVE ONE LESS ****** THING TO DO IN MY LIFE....


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          Originally posted by MrFancyPants View Post
          Leave animate stones as TT, but let's have events that allow people to get titans directly.
          It isn't bad to work hard for these stones but at this moment in time they are impossible to get for many players (wich includes me).

          I don't want the stones from hot-events, i'd like a daily mpd where i can get these stones. Now all good things are hidden in weekly mpd's but the daily mpd's offer nothing i can use wile i need to do a mpd each day for devotion. So, a new daily mpd actually makes more sense.

          Thanks to the online-rewards wich gives 10 stones per 30 mins i finally have the moon-titan. It took 14 attempts to get it (months of hard grinding since february) and seeing TT become harder to do each day that passes. First i could do 4~5 stages, now i am lucky if i can pass stage 1. So for me getting a new titan became impossible since once you have enough stones, the animation of a titan could still fail (wich happened to me 13 times in a row. The animation of a titan must not rely on luck. When you have the stones you must animate without a "luck-rate" because 1 player gets it in one go wile the other needs 14 attempts. That makes TT so messed up, it isn't the difficulty to do allone, it is also about the use of the animationstones and their horrible luck-rate.

          I don't care about what some say about TT and that it is doable. For me it isn't and it is easy to say for everyone who can clear several stages that it is easy. But when you are a player with 13 mil BR and can't even clear stage 1 where stages 4~5 were possible months ago then there is a big problem with TT.


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            this is way over the titel line..but..animation stones its not the real trouble now.. there is still a way to get those. But how we gona get the titan slot shards? Are they even added to the game yet?
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            • #7
              Tomorrow, the 15th, they will put up new events that gives out animation stones.

              However, the catch is, clothing shards don't seem to appear in lucky exchange any more.

              I'm not sure what to say. Clothing is still my top priority. The rest will come with time.


              • #8
                19 items with chance for 1 animate stone? No comment... Anyway, it's Lucky Exchange not hot event, so poll is still on going! I need good way to get animate stones, how it is with you guys?


                • #9
                  Titan Temple is getting to hard

                  make it more easy !!! remove the stupid eudeamon to begin with !!!!
                  Let the Darkside influence you


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                    Solution to TT create it so its a party dungeon. party up with 3 who can assist , Perhaps that is a way for many( I included in that many ) to pass at least a few levels now that the witch seems to be everyone s set will power atm
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                    • #11
                      Turbain Yeah. It's hard like TOK NM in past, but is for single person. It makes no sense.


                      • #12
                        some days are luckier than other days...

                        I have 5 titans right now and last night I passed 3 tiers and today I passed 7 tiers.....Yesterday was lot harder than today because of the archer with 60% damage boost it literally destroys my hp before i can even cast my skill...

                        I only have 15millbr and with potion boost i can get to 16.5 mill....TT is still doable you just have to find the strategy that works for your champ....ODIN is great in TT because I can heal and damage...

                        If u can survive till 200% damage boost timer you can destroy them all with ONE AOE delpic...