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Quitting spire dungeon

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  • Quitting spire dungeon

    At times, I do spire for devotion only but I am always getting caught up in the loop. Lower level bosses of spire can't kill me and it would be futile to just wait for higher levels just to be killed, exit the dungeon, and finally get devotion points. This will take a lot of time since I don't have that high of a damage as well. Is there any way to quit this dungeon midway once started? I don't see any exit buttons. Restarting the game does not help as it brings me back inside spire as is clearing cache.

    Would server reset boot me out of the dungeon? I am concerned that if it does not, I might end up needlessly using my weekly attempt for spire.
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    Well, wasted 1 hour before I got killed and was able to exit the dungeon. Could have wished there was a way to manually get out of spire once it starts. Is this a case of bad game design?
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      I would have gone heavy in Normal Spire if to be killed for devote. I tried Nightmare and was stuck because the mobs can't kill me (constantly getting healed from the Astral) and I can't kill them fast enough. Normal seems to just go with the flow until I decided to just do Normal for the devote runs with my own full team (takes from 9-11 minutes to finish).
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        Spire is the worst. Here is the fastest way to get out of it:
        - Take off your eudaemon and sylph
        - Equip brutality rune
        - Start spire normal
        - Kill the bosses, building your max rage
        - At boss 9(?), the archer, don't attack at first, use holy seal, then brutality rune to wait out the first and second boss actions
        - When the reflect comes on, use your strongest attack
        - Die, and then you're done

        Note that you have to go alone for this to work, and you do need to be strong enough to run through the earlier bosses quickly to make it worthwhile. It should be doable in ~5 minutes, which will be faster than trying to complete the whole thing, even with a full team.