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Suggestion for some fun

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  • Suggestion for some fun

    some days guild chat is kinda like a ghost town lmao well most days I see tunmbleweeds and coyotes howling and crickets on the march

    I know some chat programmes make chats fun by adding a general knowledge quiz every few hrs to make ppl chats more active

    I know r2 and devs can add general knowledge bots to their chat interface as ive seen it done on many websites

    would be fun aving these quizzes and maybe add a point system or title for brianic of guild or points to spend on certain stuff

    come on guys we need to make this game fun again

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    The only way this game would be fun again is if the devs and R2 come off their shenanigans and fix all the Day-O issues that has a waiting list almost a world long that are keeping players away. They can put hundreds of spender based events until their eyeballs fall off, but the only fools that would spend are those who are too blind as a sane person would not spend on something that is broken; that's like buying a lemon (automotive) or a leaky house and think nothing is wrong with either of them.

    I have a bad feeling on your suggestion that they will mess it up. I can only say this because of the one suggestion to put in all the mini-games into a box that they took out two permanently and placed the remaining ones onto a schedule instead of daily as I had suggested. And with the chat being messed up as it is, they might make it to the point we won't be able to use it anymore.

    Nevertheless, it's a good suggestion, but with the devs and R2, who knows.
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      to bad that its agains tthe law otherwise shoot those money wolves to ..... they are taking away the fun more and more.........