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Crappy rwards: VIP Wheel, Astrals

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  • Crappy rwards: VIP Wheel, Astrals

    Astrals have become a joke, hardly ever get class specific click click....takes way to much time Also I see the VIP wheel has some decent prizes....but unfortunately you never get them. They r simply eye candy. Wheel has 8 crappy rewards and you have 8 the math. Kinda like the government, you'd think it was your money.
    Last edited by mud2017; 09-23-2017, 08:36 PM.

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    lvl 4 xp scroll takes 10 sometimes only 6 tokens to get, just do 1 spin at a time


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      I hardly do the astral bit anymore. Not thinking about getting carpal tunnel with all the clicking (most are either junk or non-class specific).

      Don't get me started on the VIP wheel. I just sell my tokens and move on.
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