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various issues including casher problems bugs and so on

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  • various issues including casher problems bugs and so on

    In this past year me and so many others have been victimized by the Cashers who Leveled up very quickly and left me and others far behind They are soft with Marshmellow BR "Squishy" if you will..Patience and Slow Leveling from 72 to 80 get all your materials for your LeVel 80 Epic gear then turn 80 and watch how All the sudden YOU are the Big Dawg on Campus and people with 2 million Battle Rating are wondering how a level 76 with half the BR just walked right over them and their Buddies LoL Bugs are so rampant in this game because they won't, or more likely can't due to licensing, move away from the terrible Flash platform. Nearly every reward in the game can be lost simply because their high-latency decade-old nginx servers can't keep you connected.
    Customer service is like yelling at a pineapple. I thoroughly documented a bug that I and several others from my server encountered, and when I went to report it, they denied that there were any bugs in the game and that I just have to erase my Flash and browser caches.
    The game could be fun, the graphics are actually quite lovely, but ProficientCity (the company that translated Wartune to English) absolutely ruins it.R2Games and Kabam and Proficient City have trashed this once Awesome game and made into a Cashers World of excess and the more ya pay the more you win Marshmellow BR and Lagg Lagg with Extra Lagg if you are still playing ya know what I mean