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  • Maintenance?

    so is mt now move permant to saturday from thursday? or do we not get it whis week would be nices whit real info about it if move to saturday so we know that day of week it comes, and we can plan netter special becuse last couples of mt has takes 5hr+

  • #2
    I believe the change in maintenance schedule was just for this week due to the week-long Chinese national holiday. It is highly likely that after the devs come back from vacation, the MT will resume its usual schedule, that being Thursday.


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      Correct, Kalaripayattu.
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        But there are no events on oceanic server (see bug report)


        • #5
          They forgot to load the few events we usually have on Thurs!


          • #6
            This was resolved, as soon as it was noticed on reset on Oceanic servers, it was reported. We had to wait for daytime staffer to come in and initiate the events. Sorry guys.
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