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    when they gonna change redeeming points??? we facing now a guild that doenst do *** and we had 95% for 1st time points redeeming.. and 5 min later all posts and still we need wait so ****** long.. the old guild battle with the flag/towers was better
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    The old CSGB still took 30+ min to win if the opponent did nothing - you only got quick victories in it if you were much stronger and they kept sending fodder out to die...

    In the old one, you had to wait until the points added up over time, which was independent of how many people you have or what they do... in this one at least if you have a lot of people collecting, you can speed up the time it takes to win. Though in both cases, they are boring if no one comes out to fight...


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      Originally posted by R22289894 View Post
      when they gonna change redeeming points??? we facing now a guild that doenst do *** and we had 95% for 1st time points redeeming.. and 5 min later all posts and still we need wait so ****** long.. the old guild battle with the flag/towers was better
      All imperial wars last at least 20-30 mins because the way its designed, the points dont accumulate as fast, even if you own all the territories.
      This allows for the other team a chance if they're active to join and balen up to catchup if they so choose.

      The intention of it was to replace csgb, but also make the event more "balen" heavy as with the other revised events like athena and ares, which most people hate.
      CSGB intention is to make the fight drawn out, so theres a chance for spending.
      Imperial war allows for super guilds (otherwise known as guilds that have 3-5 server merges), which allows for uncapped participants.
      So usually these super guilds are winning because they have whales pushing the other team out, or enough active members to bank more points.
      (since spenders are likely to buy in more energy and buffs for the fight)

      The old guild battle flaw was mostly lag and usually top 40 in guild br, so in many ways other than the lag, the old method was better balance, while the new/imperial war caters to larger guilds, and spending.

      With the way the events have changed over the last year, this game is highly suggesting you balen, and already alienated most of the F2P player community.

      Most people dont bother with the events, usually the ones that have a stake in cashing in the game do at this point. Others who are fortunate to be part of the 1.8-2.5 Billion BR guilds do tag along for the ride.


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        The Old GB/CSGB was too laggy (even after you tell folks not to have on flashy clothing and/or mounts; they still do it anyways) that hardly anyone can move unless the area is cleared out (close vision and range). I didn't like the old version because it was limited to 50/40 (respectfully) which if you're in a big guild with more than 60 active, you're out of luck if the guild leader doesn't put you in; thus missing out on the rewards. It was one of the reasons why I had broken off from the larger guilds and took to my own command in the times I was to make the top 8 with my units alone prior to merges.

        The Imperial War showed a bit of promise because it can allow as many (without a limitation) and have no lag (don't have to worry about folks moving around while you're going to a post). However, it was geared towards the spendiest of groups who either have balens, energy stones, or both to spare in a bout. I've faced some of these groups on my journey where I kind of laughed; some were of them winning that I asked "why spend or waste resources when you know you will win and had us beat?"; some were trying to win (recently) but lost at the hands of me and my crew (us 9 vs 14 of them) as they wasted entire inventories of stones and/or balens to move around and intercept while we conserve our resources and use specials strategically.

        I know it's a pain in the tuckus, but I am guessing the reason why they had a counter of 1 hour and points slowing down is not only for the opposing team to try to catch up (I had done one where I was 10k in the hole against a guild that is way lower than our total BR that it took about 30 minutes to hit the tie and then to the end to break it and win without spending) but for the points to be somewhat "fair" in the end as we all cannot have 15k's on the ranking board. There are some guilds who will make 15k as their perfect hit, but then there are those who will have some variance in their point structures to be fairly placed in the rankings for the battle the next week after.
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          I think imp war is a waste of time

          nerf it lol bring out 1v1 guild battle like the old ways of war u send ur strongest warrior from guild out to meet their strongest warrior

          if u win all is good u get winners rewards

          if u loose time not wasted and u get loosers rewards

          plus to make money ave whole server bet on outcome on who would win u never know David did beat Goliath 1v1 lol