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Merging Guilds, Merging Servers = Super Guild-Servers

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  • Merging Guilds, Merging Servers = Super Guild-Servers

    Have people been noticing that there have been more guild merges, and server merges in the past 6 months?

    It seems there are more super guilds now because of the server merges.

    Either player population is dwindling, or spending is decreasing which is why they're "optimizing"

    Merging servers-guilds makes it more lively in the first couple weeks, but the long term impact effects world boss, and event help good or bad.
    The benefiting fact is that it boosts imperial war.

    Im just noticing that this is occurring more often now than ever.

    Are people also seeing this as well in their server cluster, particularly via imperial war rankings.

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    Well, I did had a strange anomaly happened in IW where I was supposed to battle the rank 10 guild (as we're ranked 9), but instead had to battle a rank 7 guild. We won though despite the numbers and odds.

    I pretty much don't care for the state of the game now as too many fiascoes happened, and nothing is showing incentive for players to stay on for more than a few minutes on any given day. It reminded me of first year WT where it becomes mundane and repetitive without any excitement or advancement. The last straw came in the form of the devs (and R2) moving the shards to the wrong weeks of the exchange thus negating a chance of getting clothing sets any time soon. Out of the 120-150 I collected, I only got 30-40 clothing shards along with other junk; so, no I am not happy this has happened.

    I will play for the company I keep. However, when that time is done and gone, so will I.
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      they nerved rewards from clothing identify to badly