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Limited Time To Join Post Grab

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  • Limited Time To Join Post Grab

    Please do not allow a guild to join a post grab team after the first week. We have a team begging other guilds to join them all the time and their team members grow from 175 to 430 and no other team getting more guilds. It's not fair to fight against those weak pack of rats since the event is a number game not s strength game.

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    There is no way to even such thing out. What other method to match players/guilds you suggest?

    If it was only amount-guildies then you could get a situation where an big inactive guild is being trampled by another big guild with many active members. Next month that weak pack of rats is being crushed because it could face some bigger builds with lesser members but higher BR's and then they are complaining that it isn't fair.

    I do not want to mess with your arguement since it is valid but there is no proper way to fix this. It is either BR-based or amount-based but either way it is unfair for loads of guilds/players because the variaties are endless so there are always players missing out on rewards.


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      just not allow guilds to join post grab after the first week.