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  • Starting Up [Settings]

    It looks like someone had finally listened to me. Last night, prior to starting my maintenance, I went and cleared all the cache from my units and within Adobe so I can expect to re-download everything when I come into the new patch release. After clicking on the "use local cache" box on my custom, I had braced for the harrowing bit of having to go into the settings so I can turn off the sound....

    Except, it came off as standard; something I had been requesting for maybe many months and possibly years since I went back to the Wartune scene. For that time, I had always thought the devs have their heads so far up there that they do not read on what players wanted as well as feedback. I guess this is one of those times I should be the one who should thank them for doing something right (so far, as it is only the beginning). I had to run various servers to see if I was dreaming, and each boot to no sound (as I had wanted as a default since music/sound are packets that travel from the server to the computer and back to the server when a scene is changed).

    Now, I hope no one breaks this as it is a big help; especially, for those of us who run two or more accounts on different servers. You've managed to keep me for a little bit as you still got work to do to making this game a "hot ticket item" so that everyone can tell their friends and possibly spend.
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