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  • Congratulations

    I really didn't think the devs could be any worse, but conrats, you've sunk to lows I never thought possible.Hero's trial is the biggest pile of absolute .... this game has ever had, and that's saying something. And the absolute cheek to have a cashing option on this garbage.

    Is this the future of wartune? Click here to win, click here to pay to win more? What an insult, I've never seen a dev or a publisher with so little respect for its playerbase. You are incompetent.

    Not only that but the absurd timing along with euda domain. Why 10 mins between fights? why not start after 5 mins, 4 mins per fight and 1 minute of rest and it's all done before outland contest finishes. Of course, no amount of complaining or sensible alternatives ever do anything, it will continue in total ignorance and arrogance, refusing to make things better until you scrap it in 2 years because it's not making money.
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    they need to remove Hero's trial again it has nothing to do with being a hero its brainless clicking and hoping you can kill or reach other side..


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      you can't even spawn half the time because someone on the platform below will block the spawn point, it's absurd how garbage like this can make it out.


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        surley to god the devs can make a event worth while and enjoyable to enter

        why didn't they keep edu arena as it was just swap the rewards for gods sake

        so far the events on offer is killing the game its not making me wanna spend

        the game needs to go forwards like loa2 and other games but at mo devs has no brain to even think this all they think about is how much money they can grab fast before flash closes game down for good as r2 and 7road doesn't realy care


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          I don't want to act like a ranting nutcase but it's hard to get across how bad it is in an eloquent manner, and it get's ignored anyway


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            Originally posted by hungry View Post
            I don't want to act like a ranting nutcase but it's hard to get across how bad it is in an eloquent manner, and it get's ignored anyway
            you're entitled to speak your mind, i think for many the dev's ignore us, even R2 has difficulty getting the dev's to do things that help the community, as opposed to drive them away

            Wartunes is all about the money, other games like LOA2 has grown fast and isn't as poorly managed as Wartunes has become.
            It might be partly that we're just 2nd rate compared to China Wartunes which is their main target consumer.